Lyfe Indoors Ft. Rose Droll “Linda’s On Pine”

Lyfe Indoors has been an emerging indie artist scene favorite since the birth of the bedroom project in 2014. Poetic lyricism, esoteric and alluring imagery and a sound that melts pop, shoegaze and synth into a transportive listen. His latest single as part of a collection of a new and diverse set of songs, is a dream-like single mixing spoken word, duet vocals and a divergent arrangement. Rose Droll speaks on the track and how emotions can repeat themselves in life and love.
“It’s centered around the idea that old habits die hard and history repeats itself.”

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About The Artist
Inspired by the dream-pop and new wave sounds of the pre-2000s, and while continuing down the path of “made in your bedroom” production – Lyfe Indoors takes a more atmospheric approach. The solo project has continued to slowly gain traction with those who see fit since it’s initial establishment in late 2014. To date, the bedroom project has released several EPs and singles met with underground praise. Completely self-released, and completely straight-to-listener, Lyfe Indoors takes no shortcuts. Only paths that feel right.

Past Praise
“The warm that emanates from ‘Put you down’, with these dark synths pouring over you, immediately sets you at ease, and then a combination of ethereal, almost whispered lyrics and other synth lines that are allowed to bleed into each other captures your heart.”

  • (Backseat Mafia, 2020) –

“Lyfe Indoors is a bedroom project of mood music to end all mood music”

  • (Left Bank Magazine, 2018) –

“…perfect for subversive thoughts while travelling to your own version of paradise (or just the train home)”

  • (Velvet Independent, 2016)

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