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Masia One addresses gender based violence on ‘Not All That Glitters Is Gold’

Delivers a strong message on reggae tinged track ‘Not All That Glitters Is Gold’ ft General Ling due 4th February 2021

Singapore based alt-pop singer-songwriter / producer Masia One is poised to kick start the new year with the arrival of ‘Not All That Glitters Is Gold’ ft General Ling, produced by Jahwise Productions, due 4th February through Nusantara Records.

Rooted in Reggae, yet drawing on a myriad of influences from hiphop, pop and soul, “Not All That Glitters is Gold” offers a poignant message, speaking out against gender-based violence and sharing real life experiences that go beyond the song. The lyrics addresses tough themes including grooming, harassment and sexual assault, encouraging people to speak out against these violations.

Masia One says: “The song opens with lyrics that describe a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, setting the scene of this song based on real life experiences during the Australian leg of my tour in 2019. The pop melody of the chorus chimes a simple line, Not All That Glitters is Gold, not all that shines is the light, reminding us that things are not always as they seem. The bass driven reggae sentiments of Jahwise’s production provides sonic space to reflect on the powerful words being said. Verse 2 depicts moments of the assault, and ends with guest artist and survivor, General Ling, adding her voice to the chorus as a statement that survivors of sexual assault will have their voices heard. The drum pattern changes for the 3rd time in the final verse to reflect the changing journey, as the lyrics are hopeful for justice to be served. The final chorus ends with a melancholic yet hopeful tone to urge us all to speak out against violations singing, “I will not do as I’m told, if what I’m told isn’t right’. The voices on this track are filled with raw emotion and hurt, having been recorded shortly after a sexual assault had been reported on tour. For the final mix down, Jahwise sent this music across the world to Sao Paolo Brazil for mastering by Douglas Earl Studios.”

The release of ‘Not All That Glitters Is Gold’ sees Masia One collaborating with arts educators and organizations that aligns with the message of this song. The hope is to engage influencers who can dream up creative content and brands that support more conversations around an often taboo topic. Our goal is to share more stories, break stereotypes and have open conversations about our safety and well being.

“Not All That Glitters is Gold” is released 4th February on all digital platforms.

‘Not All That Glitters Is Gold’ is released 4th February on all digital platforms