As drum & bass becomes an increasingly unstoppable force in 2023, innovation within the genre is arguably in its strongest form ever. Mechanical Vein is no stranger to that notion, as he continues to fuse elements of metal and industrial music into his relentlessly ferocious drum & bass productions. The London-based artist has just released the strongest showcase of his fiercely aggressive sound yet: his debut album, ‘The Storm You Can’t Contain.’

Mechanical Vein’s musical barrage offers 10 truly massive tracks, opening with VIPs of his hit song “New Blood” and Sinister Souls collaboration, “No Light City.” Both tracks boast a new lustrous sheen, packed with powerful reese basses and punishing drums that give even more weight to Mechanical Vein’s monstrous vocal work. Fellow HYBRID BLAK label boss Biomechanimal also appears on ‘Storm,’ co-producing and lending inhuman vocals to the collaborative effort “Breakdown,” with stateside MC Lecture laying down revolutionary bars on the track.  

Other ‘Storm’ collaborators include vocalist Alicia Mayhem, who provides the standout track “VANTA BLAK” with a lusciously dark atmosphere, industrial legend Faderhead on seductive midtempo banger “Feel Your Noise,” and Saltee with the delightfully aggrieved anthem, “All Gods Fall Down.” Mechanical Vein and comrade MORIS BLAK take the tempo down on the gritty and alluring “Cemetery Wind,” combining elements of dubstep, psytrance, and industrial, just after ER4SE takes things deeper, providing a modulated vocal ambience to Mechanical Vein’s cover of The Glitch Mob’s “How Could This Be Wrong.”

The penultimate track, “TAKN2” acts as a proverbial sequel to Mechanical Vein’s pugnacious 2020 single “TAKN,” with collaborator Caustic. ‘The Storm You Can’t Contain’ closes with the fiercely pensive “Ghost Town,” rounding things out with a lyrical nod to the album’s title and illustrating the impressive breadth of Mechanical Vein’s sound.

Put simply: ‘The Storm You Can’t Contain’ perfectly demonstrates Mechanical Vein’s trailblazing approach to drum & bass, providing an intelligently innovative expansion to the musician’s already-impressive repertoire. Destined to be emblazoned into metal drum & bass greatness, Mechanical Vein’s tempestuous debut album ‘The Storm You Can’t Contain’ will overwhelm the listener in a furious cyclone of sonic prowess. 

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