Meelo explores complex soundscapes on haunting ‘Reflets’

Taken from debut EP ‘Movement 1’ due April 2022

Rising London musician / producer Meelo is poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Reflets’, lifted from the forthcoming debut EP ‘Movement 1’ due this April. 

Accompanied by a visually stunning choreographed concept video, ‘Reflets’ transcends into a new era, exploring the intricacies of sound, anchored by an emotional, meditative core. Meelo says: “My music explores a deep commitment to the values of introspection, self discovery and healing. We’ve all felt that strange mix of thrill and fear when we’re on the cusp of making a breakthrough, fearing it precisely because it is still in the unknown. Reflet dives into that feeling with a mix of shimmer and depth, unrelenting rhythm.”

When Meelo was well into his career as a touring session player and music therapist, (playing for the likes of Goya Gumbani and Tertia May), he was forced to stop everything on a fateful day when the front wheel of his bike jammed and he broke his arm. Shut away and unable to play he took some time for himself, his production skills and poetry; applying that to his already strong songwriting and compositional abilities he began to build an EP that represented this moment of self-contemplation.

It took another fateful moment to accelerate the project when Meelo met Frankie Mami, international Dj and production engineer master. Sat at the back of a session in Frankie’s studio Meelo slipped in and spun a track he was working on called “Gatto”; Frankie’s ears pricked up, and with a knowing smile the two of them recognised something special. Frankie’s enthusiasm, refined expertise and invaluable guidance propelled the project to new levels and kickstarted a beautiful friendship built on mutual respect and sharing.

Movement 1 is joyous, and at times despairing but loaded with the momentum and power that comes with exploring one’s self. It’s the result of years of the artist trying to find his way, releasing the fears of the past and ultimately finding his voice. Ambitious in his genre-spanning scope and fiercely committed to the redemptive quality of music, Meelo’s story can be heard and felt on every note of his debut EP.