Melxdie releases ‘Checkmate’ Visual EP

Melxdie’s first EP and Visual Album “Checkmate” out now 

Bold lyrics, divine rhythms, and unique energy; welcome to the unforgettable world of Melxdie, an emerging artist filling the global stage with her radiant and intoxicating anthems. 

Melxdie burst into the music scene in 2019 with the release of “Summer Love”, a collaboration with international star Tory Lanez. Her genre defying sound landed the single on Billboard’s Top 100 and Apple Music’s Top 10 in RnB & Soul. 

Building on her momentum, Melxdie released “Girls R Better”, a reggae infused single featuring dancehall sensation Mavado. It quickly went viral on TikTok engaging over 21 million views and was used in more than 2,000 videos. 

Breaking artistic barriers, this album will have fans feeling deeply connected to multidimensional performer Melxdie. “Checkmate” includes your soon to be favourite new hits: 

Pull Up – a reggae pop dance vibe, but when you listen a little closer to the lyrics you’ll be like, “oh snap this is sexy as hell’. Bad Boy Crazy – the story of a “good girls” desire for a guy with a little “bad boy” swag. 

Empanadas x 2 – English and Latin remix introducing Melxdie’s Peruvian roots. The song is a reminder to keep your vibes higher in the midst of negativity. 

What I Want – an anthem for the anything you want you can achieve mindset 

Exclusive Visual EP 

“For the EP Visual, Stefanie Eby, the creative mastermind behind the visual, was able to create a story that referenced a lot of my real life experiences while tying the contrast of sounds together to make it blend seamlessly. I really wanted this visual to hold a deeper meaning, you could say, it’s almost like a glimpse of where I come from, and where I’m going. We even used a lot of my closest family and friends to play different characters that represent different aspects of who I am, which was a really special component for me.” 

MAY 20, 2022 – Find “Checkmate” on your favourite streaming platforms 




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