Miami-Based Rock Outfit Better Strangers Release New Single “Nicotine Dreams”

Electrifying Miami Rockers Better Strangers have released their new single “Nicotine Dreams.” Following their heavy-hitting debut single But I Don’t Know Your Name, which premiered on Rolling Stone, Nicotine Dreams showcases a more subtle, psychedelic, and experimental side of the band’s boundless sound. Listen to Nicotine Dreams:

Inspired by a true experience of an emergency dispatcher, Nicotine Dreams touches upon struggles with substance abuse, loss, and self-alienation. The band explains, “One of us had a friend that was the emergency dispatcher at a university. She received a call from a group of friends who had just found one of their friends hanging after committing suicide in their dorm. She had to walk them through the entire process of how to cut them down and perform CPR while they were giving her vivid descriptions and details of what they were seeing. This traumatic event stuck with her in the following weeks.” They continue, “After the event, she couldn’t sleep and spent the time she was up chain smoking cigarettes causing the nicotine to be a substitute for sleep itself. Hence the title, “Nicotine Dreams.””

Nicotine Dreams features beautifully layered vocals and interweaving melodies on top of a hypnotic guitar progression. The subtle intricacies of the band’s rhythm section are put on full display with breakbeat-inspired drum grooves and catchy and punchy bass lines progressing throughout the track. Better Strangers recorded the track at Brain Damage Studios before having it mixed by Grammy award winner James “Jimmy T” Meslin and mastered by the renowned Maor Appelbaum.

Formed in 2020, Better Strangers is a genre-defying four piece band consisting of: deCasa (Vocals), Joey Rodriguez (Guitar), Yang Waingarten (Bass), & Nic Collins (Drums). Better Strangers differentiates itself through expert musicianship and their goal of pushing the boundaries of music, especially Rock music, forward. The band states, “Mixing the best elements of the music we like together to come up with a distinct sound is what’s exciting to us. Whether that’s hard rock, metal, shoegaze, progressive, hip-hop, and psychedelic.” In April, Better Strangers exploded into the scene with their debut single But I Don’t Know Your Name which premiered on Rolling Stone. Since then, the band has toured extensively in both the US and overseas, most recently performing at the legendary Isle of Wight Festival in England. With the lasting impression that Nicotine Dreams has left on audiences worldwide, the decision to make it the second single in their discography was a no-brainer.

Stream Nicotine Dreams:

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