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Press Junkie PR | Micah Shalom

Micah Shalom is proud to announce his latest single “Baltimore Ska,” which will be released on December 4th. The established artist is one of the leading Reggae outfits in Texas, bringing both conscious roots and danceability to the mix. On the upcoming song, Micah Shalom brings a vibrant big band vibe into a traditional ska format with focus on the 4 piece horn section and a steady groove. Melodies are led by the horns and supported by organ, piano, guitar, bass, drums, and percussion. The song is accompanied by a visually stunning animated video set to premiere on Reggaeville in December.

Watch Here:

“Baltimore Ska” was inspired by Micah’s Grandmother Charlotte Simka and the city she grew up in. The style and vibe of the instrumental, along with the major chords, give the track an uplifting feeling. Micah elaborates how the song, although instrumental, is built on a meaningful foundation, stating, “This song means a lot to me considering this political environment and the recent disparaging of the city of Baltimore. So I hope to support all the people living there now and in the past with this musical offering.”

Micah Shalom is joined by his band, a talented cast of Austin-based musicians. From Mark Wilson on tenor sax who plays with Shiny Ribs and the Mau Mau Chaplains to Nico Sanchez on bass who leads Columbian Afrobeat group Superfonicos. Evan Marley, who plays piano and keyboards, has been with the group since Micah’s earliest releases adding his signature feel and style. On drums, Jeremy Carlson (Lion Heights) lays down the groove alongside Ricky Gonzalez on percussion. Rounding out the horn section are Joshua Thomson (Atlas Maior, Cilantro Boombox) on Alto Sax, and Zumbi Richards (Cilantro Boombox) on trombone. On the single, Micah Shalom is also joined by guitarist Mario Salazar who has played with numerous ska groups through the years including The Bandulus.

Following the single, Micah Shalom plans to release a series of additional tracks throughout 2021 that will eventually lead to an album that will comprise of all his works, starting with 2019’s critically acclaimed “Peace Rights Love” (which received support from KUTX, TopShelf MusicReggaeville, and more). For Micah Shalom, music is an evolution, whether it’s songwriting or style or quality. His new single brings the prolific musician back to his musical roots of ska. In his 30+ tenure of making ska music, “Baltimore Ska” proves to be one of his most impressive releases to date.