Mira Sthira returns with an eclectic new single ‘Let The Armor Go’

Maine’s Mira Sthira returns with an eclectic new single ‘Let The Armor Go’ this November.

Captivating listeners with a broad and elevating array of releases over the last few years, including singles “My Future Partner”, “The Woods’, ‘Sink Down with Me’, ‘Move with My Body’ and her most recent release, ‘Weird Girl’, blossoming artist Mira Sthira has now returned to deliver her heartfelt new offering ‘Let The Armor Go’ this November.

Singer-songwriter Mira Sthira is a Maine-based artist with an impressive discography and atmospheric blend of indie, pop, alternative and pop affairs. Transforming her struggles through the power of music, Mira has worked alongside the likes of her primary producer, Mikheil Rusishvili (Mikheil Music), Belkadi, OneSchilling, Peter Rand, and Fantastical Emporium of Sound. 

This year welcomed the arrival of a massive milestone in the multi-faceted talent’s career, as her single ‘Weird Girl’ circulated in huge outlet Zara’s stores. Proving she is an artist on the rise, Mira was featured in the ‘Portland Phoenix’ Maine’s renowned music paper as part of their ‘Best of 2021’ playlist last year. All of this has led to two exciting forthcoming projects from the blossoming artist which explore the idea of “shadow work and travelling to the bottom of the psyche and the ocean”, whilst also paying attention to independence, self-awareness, and liberty through her dark, eccentric, and rich tracks.

“It means that it’s safe to open up again and to trust myself enough to know who to let in. It’s about being brave enough to be close to someone again.” – Mira Sthira

Striking listeners with alluring vocals from the off, ‘Let The Armor Go’ is a truly mesmerising affair which is powered by Mira Sthira’s emotional lyrics. Organic percussion combines with soaring synths and low-tempo compositions for a single that is distinctly pleasing. 

Mira Sthira’s name translates to ‘Ocean Strength’ and prides herself on inspiring listeners whilst emphasising the need for inner healing and the healing of nature.  Her releases relate to her other passions outside of music including self-care, personal struggles and mother nature, and focus on the importance of healing and personal transformation – grappling with emotions and experiences, and leaving behind bad energy in the process. 

‘Let The Armor Go’ shows the many sides of being vulnerable after losing trust in a relationship through Mira Sthira’s forward-thinking and relatable lyrics and powerful vocals.