Promotional picture for ´Brave´ by Misha, IKE and Jesse Markin, 2021. Photo: Pirita Männikkö

Misha is the workings of a multi-talented producer hailing from Finland’s capital, Helsinki. He moulds together chilled, feel-good R&B music that speaks right to the soul. Having featured in the likes of BBC Radio 1Xtra and Okayplayer with his previous releases with Chillhop Music, it’s clear his carefully crafted and stylish production has made many a fan across globe, having also featured on many Spotify editorials, as well as garnering very large following through his millions of streams.

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To pinpoint the genre of Misha’s music would be difficult, as he has had successful excursions through collaborating with artists in R&B, hip-hop, indie, pop and electronic music, showcasing his unique ability to not just stick to one style. Instead, his openness to exploring each genre defines his character, which is a hugely successful producer and artist who has no limitations when it comes to a certain genre defiance.

He now returns, fresh off his recent EP ‘Gusto’ released in July of this year, with the super colourful and vibrant new offering ‘Brave’. On this one, he has teamed up with Finnish artists Jesse Markin and IKE + his fellow producer Cocabona, and the result is a soothing, soulful R&B song which immediately settles you in for the fresh and crisp production of Misha, alongside these two incredible artists who also share their story. It catches that hook and flow straight away, with haunting yet beautifully arranged synths and the chorus line is delivered superbly by vocalist IKE.

‘Brave’ is certainly a slow mover and will have no problem in providing the dreamy soundscapes to your day. Misha continues to innovate and create consistently, and this is just another fine example of his rise.

Speaking more on the meaning behind ‘Brave’:

​​”The idea behind the song was to look into the challenges we face around depression and anxiety. Sometimes even something as simple as asking for help can become an overwhelming task, when also comparing oneself to others can drive us further apart. By having an honest dialog around these issues is one way forward and as artists we feel like alongside giving listeners and fans different moods to vibe to it is also our responsibility to give them different perspectives to explore.