MITA (BR) brings an innovative and futuristic EP on Rawsome Recordings

The duo is part of the label’s A&R and makes their debut in great style with a solid EP

MITA (BR) is back with a big release, an innovative and futuristic two track EP on Rawsome Recordings. The brazilian boys bring in the Space Garden EP in April.

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The duo made their debut on the US label on the Raw Cuts 002 V.A. with their track “Funky” made in collaboration with Guigak and now return to the label in an elegant way as part of the A&R of the renowned label. MITA (BR) points out: “This EP is very important to us as artists, not only because it is our debut as A&R, but because it represents our sonic evolution in such dark times”. 

The EP Space Garden has two tracks: “Space Garden” and “Road Swing”. Both productions are part of the duo’s dedication in the studio during the pandemic, where many producers have been chasing innovation and testing new styles of sounds. “Space Garden” brings a special and futuristic vibe, that awakens the sensorial perception of the person that listens to it. About this record, MITA (BR) explains:

Space Garden is certainly one of the most introspective musicals we have ever made. Our idea was to bring a groove with a lot of send and response from the drum groove, bass and melodies. When we listened to it we felt like we were in a calm garden and from it came the idea of putting Garden in the name of the track. As it has a very special atmosphere, we put Space on the name too and this is where the title came from. We hope this music can bring a feeling of peace and that feel like dancing when they listen to it.

Road Swing” is the song that balances the EP with a more outgoing feeling. The two tracks on the Space Garden EP complement themselves, just like the duo does, making a personality rereading of both and leaving this creativity very clear in the production.

Road Swing has a lot of send and response on the groove too, however it is a more outgoing vibe. With the melodic stabs, a fatter bass line and a different work on the vocal, we felt like this music is one people will start shuffling when they listen to, because this is how we feel like when we listen to it. At the same time, the atmosphere created by the sounds is for one of those moments you take the road to a place you really like. That’s where the name of the track came from”, complements MITA (BR).

Founded in 2017 by Greco (NYC)Rawsome Recordings received artists such as: Toni Varga, Eskuche, Miguel Lobo, Santa Sansone, Di Chiara Brothers and Waits. The sub label Rawsome Deep was founded in 2020 and it has releases from the likes of: Archie Hamilton, Dale Howard, Djoko, Prunk and Jizz.

When we talk about the duo in 2020, it is not easy to forget the success of the track “Tribalism” released on Toolroom Records. The collaboration with the british Biscits has gone far, with more than 350.000 streamings on Spotify and having reach TOP 5 Tech House on Beatport, it helped the duo reach the highest scoring position from a Brazilian musician on Beatstats Tech House rank, in which they occupy the 119th position in the last 12 months.

With a promising year of releases on its way, MITA (BR) is putting the cards on the game, innovating on their productions and again reaching for the international scene. By the way, one of their upcoming releases is in a renowned Spanish label in collaboration with Eric Olliver.