Mixing Music and Study: How Learning to DJ Can Improve Study Habits

Many people that see DJs play their live sets do not realize all the complexity of their work, especially if the mixes are good and the tracks seem to flow effortlessly as you enjoy the night. There is a lot going on behind the scenes as the DJ coordinates and analyzes the beats to adjust each element to the rhythm and tonality of the next track. It is a constant analysis and being able to listen and make decisions that will reflect the vibe of the live environment and the subject of the event. In a certain sense, DJs are actually mixing music and studies as they are constantly improving their strategic thinking and analytical skills. 

How Learning to DJ Can Improve Study Habits 

– Better Coordination Skills. 

Regardless of what tools you are using to DJ, there is a necessity to learn how to coordinate your hands, body movements, eyes, and ears. It is an instant improvement of all cognitive skills as you are always learning and getting more accurate. Just think about combining your studies with the background music as you still listen, and you will make the first step! If you are still feeling stuck and cannot proceed any further, you can always buy college research paper and get things done on time. We all can feel confused at times, so asking for help is only natural! 

– Analysis and Memory Training. 

When you are doing homework and listening to music, you are always expecting the next chord or a combination of electronic sounds as you listen. This way, your memory is always engaged as you read through some book or try to complete an odd essay. Likewise, when you are DJing, you become more accurate as you analyze things and train your memory all the time to meet the vibe of the set and come up with an accurate timing! 

– Excellent Decision-Making Techniques. 

DJs always have to make urgent decisions, even when dealing with slower BPM tracks. As the layers are created, and the pitch shifts are used, it’s always magic in the details! As you learn how to DJ, you will feel way more confident than ever before as you deal with your school assignments or go on a date with your significant other. Therefore, studying with music is so important as you create a playlist or think about the best ways to relax and reflect on things that make you sad or happy, more productive, or just safe! 

– Fighting Depression and Staying Inspired. 

Learning how to DJ will help you to gain independence and respect from others. Just keep your mind open even when you have too much on your plate. It’s a reason why music helps to fight depression and anxiety! Being a DJ is just like becoming a shaman who knows how to combine sounds in a special way to create a trance-like experience. By keeping people inspired as you play and make clever choices, you will always feel much better! 

Memory Plays a Crucial Role in DJing! 

When you are learning how to DJ, one of the primary skills that you gain is the feel of the timing and the ability to use your memory more accurately. As a musician and a student, you have to master the art of phrasing and accuracy. It can only be achieved by training your memory and remembering the elements of each track as you align the phrases. The trick is to memorize all the important transitions and maintain an accurate structure. It’s exactly what makes a good DJ as you use your memory to create all the transitions and make relevant choices. Therefore, as you master these skills and improve your memory, you will be able to use all of the newly gained abilities in your studies as well! 


Olivia Evans has a passion for music and finding the right sounds regardless of genre or venue. As an educator and technology expert, she loves to explore the mechanics behind music creation processes. Follow Olivia to learn how to mix music and studies and add fun to your learning.