MKJAY & Daft Hill ‘Like I Love You’ IN / ROTATION

Two shining talents from Brazil connect on an effervescent garage-tinted collab on Insomniac’s house-centric imprint.

MKJAY and Daft Hill are coming together on a new collaborative single called “Like I Love,” serving as the first time these two rising sensations from South America fuse their special blend of house together. 

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There’s no shortage of heat coming out of the house scene from the Southern hemisphere, especially when it comes to the hotbed of sweat-covered grooves that is Brazil. While the country has chiseled out its own corner with the onset of Brazilian bass (amongst the wealth of other Latin-infused strains of dance music), garage might not be the first genre to spring to mind when combing through the music from that region. However, MKJAY and Daft Hill have made it point to continually think beyond their own borders with two solo projects that have traversed tech, bass, future, jackin’, and any other variation of house catching their eyes. The two shining talents are now connecting on a garage-powered collab that will make the heart flutter just as fast as it gets feet to shuffle. 

“Like I Love You” is an effervescent number sparkling in a stepping percussive framework. A saccharine vocal loop sits nicely atop glimmering chords, as the soft melodies create a sense of comfort around the persistent lyrics “Love me like I love you.” It’s a simple enough of an ask sitting at the core of this track, and it’s meaning never feels diluted even as it’s chopped up and flailed around intricate drum patterns and woozy synth warbles. It’s a bright and bubbly joint carrying a smitten vibe that makes it impossible to not want to reciprocate. And the feeling only grows stronger with each passing beat. 

Pedro da Cunha, better known by his alias MKJAY, initially flew into the IN / ROTATION coop with an appearance on the label’s ‘Rotate Volume 4’ compilation with “Treat You Better,” another stab he took at building a nest for himself in the garage lane. The springy piano-led jam was a welcomed change of scenery for him, which helped to offset some of the more bass-driven creations he’s dished out on a number of quality camps from the likes of Spinnin’ Records, Repopulate Mars, Box of Cats, Toolroom and more. His knack for shifting styles has allowed his music to slip into the USBs of a wide range of top-shelf artists including Oliver Heldens, Kyle Watson, Volac, Shiba San, Riva Starr and more. 

Gabriel Rodrigues, on the other hand, has been steadily pushing himself up the slope of the highly competitive scene in his immediate area. In the span of the last few years, he’s been taking his Daft Hill project across some of the hottest club spots dotted around Brazil, while chipping away at growing discog that has garnered support from ILLUSIONIZE, Visage, Future Class, and, of course, MKJAY himself. 

On their new collab, “Like I Love You,” MKJAY and Daft Hill do justice to a style of music that at first glance would appear worlds apart from what’s popping off in their own backyard. Plus, seeing garage reach a new generation of torchbearers, despite their geographical displacement, is a beautiful thing to bear witness to.  

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Launched in 2017, Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION is a label living under Insomniac Music Group that is dedicated the freshest house sounds on heavy rotation. From established artists to buzzing up-and-comers, the imprint has showcased names from across the four-on-the-floor spectrum, ranging from bass house, tech house and every shade tucked in between. Its catalog has brought forth a whole host of noteworthy artists, including Westend, LO’99, Maximono, Sidepiece, Dateless, Left/Right, Kendoll, Worthy and many more. 

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