Monolithe Noir channel Krautrock on alt-indie gem ‘Finvus’

Taken from new album ‘Rin’ due 26th August via Capitane Records

Today, Monolith Noir (Antoine Pasqualini) unveils “Finvus”, the first song from its third album Rin, which will be released in August 2022 on Capitane Records.

In Breton, “Finvus” refers to the idea of movement. The title, in this context, relates to the “crisis of masculinity” and also to our will to change the state of things; our habits; our aspirations. “I try to be optimistic while always bearing in mind that it’s totally pointless to protect privilege, get stuck in stereotypical roles, and defend a system that hurts us” says Antoine from Monolithe Noir.

This first single was recorded as a trio session at the Freehouse Studio in Brussels. With its cold rhythm, repetitive pattern of analog synth, and harmonies that are both laid-back and tense, “Finvus” takes us to the heart of an unstoppable rotating mechanism, suggesting a Krautrock inclination and revealing a melancholy tinged with a dull anger. The songwriter (a drummer by training) reconnects with the Moog Voyageur and piano from his previous album, Moira, to create this dense, atmospheric single.  

About Monolithe Noir:

Having passed through the inevitable rock groups and then departing into increasingly ambitious and conceptual projects (Arch Woodmann, in particular, which he piloted for three albums), Antoine Pasqualini puts his expansive musicality to work in the service of Monolithe Noir. Antoine’s music is unpredictable by nature and surprising by choice and escapes the hackneyed adjectives that segment our record collections. It draws on a myriad of influences: prog, ambient, electronica, folk, and even the hidden treasures of Italian library music. It does not hide behind a screen of artificial complexity but is, above all, directly aimed at us. Kubrick would approve.

‘Finvus’ / 5th April

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