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Moodshift has revealed their first original production of 2021 with ‘Touch’, a timely track with deep-rooted themes given the current global pandemic. Despite their inception less than 6 months ago, Lucas NordOliver Nelson, and flyckt have made a name for themselves in the dance space as the next supergroup to watch. With well over 2,000,000 Spotify streams across their past 2 original releases, ‘Chemistry’ and ‘What About My Love’, the band has seen serious support across the board for their unique take on indie dance. Out now, the latest release from Moodshift, ‘Touch’ is available to stream across all platforms.


Kicking off with highly infectious pitched-up vocals and punchy percussion, the melodic track centers on a bouncy bassline and deeply textured synths. With a theme focused on physical touch and the importance of maintaining in-person relationships, the lyrics speak volumes given COVID’s global impact and the restriction on travel.

‘We wrote Touch last summer and funny enough I don’t think we ever talked about the pandemic or how it affected us while writing the track. Not once did we discuss how social distancing was affecting us or how our normal way of life was completely turned upside down. Now looking back, it must’ve been in the back of our minds and just something we wrote subconsciously cause it’s so applicable to the situation we’re in. We really tried to capture that feeling in the music video. The crowds, the late nights, physical interactions, etc. – everything we desperately want now but can’t have. And that’s basically what the song is about, we don’t need nothing else. This track is our ode to the past and our excitement for the future. “All I [we] want is your Touch’–  Moodshift

The music video for ‘Touch’ opens with a shot of an empty warehouse, flickering between superimposed scenes of crowded raves, taking the viewer through the pre-pandemic experience of a night out. Shuffling between an array of intimate couples, pupil shots, and hair raising clips, the viewer is transported to a show rife with floor fillers. The 2 and a half minute video highlights a sense of yearning for life outside of our own 4 walls, a life among friends and strangers on sweaty dance floors around the world.

The nearly two-and-a-half minute production was directed entirely by renowned music video director Robin Kempe-Bergman, known as Robinovich, whose recent work has earned him nominations for 4 Swedish Grammies in the ‘Best Video’ category. Other impressively noteworthy accolades include his 2009 Swedish Roy Award for ‘Innovative Media’, as well as the ‘Best Innovative Artist’ Swedish Grammy he won for his work between 2009-2013 on fellow Swede and innovative singer/songwriter iamamiwhoami’s music videos. To-date, his content can be seen across 150 music videos, in addition to various commercials.



Moodshift is an indie electronic group composed of three very well-known DJ/producers who’ve been entrenched in the electronic dance music industry for quite some time. Featuring Swedish talent Lucas Nord, singer/producer flyckt, and renowned remix maestro Oliver Nelson, each diligent member would consistently contribute week-in and week-out to the now extremely popular SoundCloud-based Moodshift Monday Mixes. They gave fans what they wanted with the release of original productions, ‘Chemistry’ and ‘What About My Love’, which have been incredibly well-received, with over 2,000,000 Spotify streams in the time span of a few short months.