MoonLander offers something different with innovative rap single ‘Pour A Drink’

MoonLander (aka Dillon Houston Church) is an innovative pop rap artist who, just like his name may portray, has limitless potential. Falling in love with music from a young age, Moon had an immediate connection to what you can do with yourself when you aim big, with his style and sonics knowing no boundaries whatsoever. His previous two years have seen paramount success, performing at shows all over the US and the recent single ‘Hang Out’ being added to Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds Pop’ playlist. 


It’s clear that MoonLander is only just getting started, and he now returns with another energetic, fun-filled offering in ‘Pour A Drink’. The trait that is so synonymous with Moon’s style is the sumptuous blending of two very different genres. Laying down electric guitar riffs as melody lines alongside a trap beat creates that modern pop day feel, Moon’s singing and then rapping throughout makes for a hugely potent combination. 

There is a beautifully present moment in the song where it all strips back to an acoustic and Moon’s vocal, further showcasing his versatility as an artist in this atmospheric, hip-hop infused and highly addictive pop song. Reminiscent of Logic and Kid Laroi in this one, MoonLander has an identity that symbolises hope and never stopping the grind, which now has a real engaged fan base following his every step. ‘Pour A Drink’ is another example of his unique craft, and is only going to further catapult his music into the stratosphere.

Speaking on the meaning behind ‘Pour A Drink’, MoonLander says:

“I was working on my Album everyday and felt like I was working nonstop. I was thinking of the time I would be able to hangout carefree with my friends and pour a drink.”