Mr. Ours – Ethnic Parallel

Ethnic Parallel, out April 8th on Gravitas Recordings, is a new beginning for Mr. Ours as he pushes his sound and capabilities to further grow. When the world was initially put on lockdown and the future felt uncertain, Mr. Ours decided to take that time to reflect on what his typical working methods were, and focus back on his musical roots. He believed this was the perfect time to evolve his sound while producing what feels most true to himself. Ethnic Parallel is an inspiring journey to the heart of music and its diversity. Mr. Ours invites us, through his colorful and exotic tracks, to leave what we know, to discover new sound and musical horizons. Between bass music, trap and world music, “Ethnic Parallel” is an inspiring and powerful EP at the same time.

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“Good Music” introduces the EP with gritty guitar strokes, and striking bass punches quickly approach as the initial drop, setting the tone for what’s to come. The organic dynamic of the track makes it easy to get lost in rhythm of what the song has to offer. “This Is a Sample” opens up with lively synths, encompassing a worldy atmosphere. Inspiring sounds that seamlessly weave together, showing off Mr. Ours musical capabilities of utilizing various samples to create a unique track. “Gamelan Trip” sprinkles in a blend of trap and bass elements making the listener curious. Hard hitting drums paired with colorful bass create a lively energy that you won’t want to end. “Monk Keyz” comes in with gritty keyboard notes and punches in with bass that will have the floor shaking. When the first drop hits, you can feel the sense of maturity within the sound, already making it stand out in a new and refreshing way. A deep humming  that accompanies the song throughout the track showcases the ethnic twist Mr. Ours incorporated, standing true to what Ethnic Parallel is about. 

Publicity Drivers:

  • Monk Keyz out 4/05/2022 
  • Ethnic Parallel out 4/08/2022 
  • Performing at La Foire Extraordinaire
  • Performing at Subdistrict Festival 

About Mr. Ours:

Mr. Ours is a Glitch Hop and Dubstep music producer from the south of France, fan of loud basses, sunny melody, and juicy salmon. Sound designer and music composer for many years, Mr. Ours feeds on influences as diverse and varied, he draws from all musical styles; Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Electro, and many more. Naturally, he looks to Glitch Hop and Dubstep production. A fan of sampling and beatmaking, Mr. Ours likes to surprise the audience with original and powerful mixes. 


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