Multigenrist Javiere Inniss Releases Latest Acoustic Rock Single ‘Down’

Multigenrist Javiere Inniss releases latest acoustic Rock single ‘Down’, taken from his upcoming album ‘Life Beyond Everything’ due for release in November 2022. Known for his energy, the majority of his releases are powered by exciting Rock, Indie, and R&B songs that centre around honest lyricism about Inniss’ aspirations, struggles and past experiences. 


‘Down’ is no different, the track sees Javiere open up about his experiences with depression and anxiety. An issue that’s still quite stigmatised, ‘Down’ looks to relate to audiences that are going through similar struggles and show that there is light ahead. As Javiere puts it “Down is something everyone goes through whether that’s losing your job or experiencing a loss of a family member or a close friend. Whatever you may be feeling, it’s normal to feel this way.”

Backed by a down-tuned acoustic guitar with intermittent piano and electric guitar lead lines which contrast the dark theme of the track as Javiere’s impassioned vocal performance takes center stage. 

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia and now residing in Naples, Florida Javiere Inniss started releasing tracks in 2020. Since then he has been honing his craft in writing and producing over 40 tracks garnering support across multiple press and radio outlets. With the release of his latest single ‘Down’ Javiere Inniss looks to further continue this trajectory. 

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