Muo Duo returns with new single ‘Gourmet’ featuring rapper Ausar & exquisite Hip-Hop project ‘The Tasting Menu’ with Mick Jenkins, Casshan, Guapdad 4000 and more

Muo Duo returns with an exhilarating new single ‘Gourmet’ featuring Chicago rapper Ausar, alongside exquisite Hip-Hop project ‘The Tasting Menu’ with Mick Jenkins, Casshan, Guapdad 4000 and more.

Miles From Space and sister Winter have built a highly-impressive discography since making their debut in 2020, bringing along their array of exquisite vocals, captivating beats and trademark Indie meets Hip-Hop vibe. Having released their single ‘Raspberry Rocky Road’ last month the pair now returns with an enticing affair entitled ‘Gourmet’ with talented rapper Ausar from their new hip-hop EP ‘Tasting Menu’ this July.


A stand-out track across the EP, ‘Gourmet’ opens with Muo Duo’s hearty vocals before Ausar’s powerful bars lead us down a path of gratefulness as he reveals his life story through the power of lyricism – It’s a truly divine single that exposes the many layers of the mind and life experiences of an artist. Tasting Menu overall serves listeners with a stripped-back and dynamic selection of cuts and is packed with plenty of finesse for every rap enthusiast. It’s easily their most intoxicating release yet, an odyssey of elevating compositions paired with eclectic soundboards and ferocious lyrics from this year reveals a project that is distinctly pleasing. 

“The Tasting Menu is a 6-track showcase of Muo Duo. The production, lyricism, vocal performances, and feature curation are all designed to please the sonic palate. Muo Duo’s vocal melodies weave in between an impressive lineup of featured rappers, creating their signature indie meets hip hop vibe. Features on the EP include established and legendary artists like Mick Jenkins and Guapdad 4000 as well as up-and-coming stars such as Ausar, Englewood B.U., and Casshan. Grammy-winning engineer Will Borza’s mastering job brings out the best in each sonic dish. The addictive songwriting will keep you coming back for another helping!.” – Muo Duo

Miles From Space trained in composition and French Horn at the Juilliard Pre-College where he studied classical music whilst being heavily influenced by the songwriting and groups including The Beatles, Tyler The Creator and Saba. His sister Winter is an accomplished and incredibly talented vocalist that performed on Broadway playing young Elsa in Disney’s production of Frozen and currently sings in the children’s chorus at the Met Opera. The pair have accumulated over 400,000 streams from their unique vocal blends which are weaved through their tracks that transcend genre and reveal captivating, relatable and vibrant stories with addictive hooks and melodies. 

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