Music Video : Professor Paws ‘Gold Touch’

Gold Touch’ delivers a sense of luxury that we all strive to achieve, as Professor Paws creates a unique hybrid between new age R&B and a gritty UK rap sound. We instantly hear an ensemble of different melodies whilst receiving witty punchlines, the rapper then tops it all off with a powerful, vibrant beat that accompanies the energy of the delivery. With high intensity dancers and captivating camera angles, the London based artist provides the perfect visuals to summarise the message of the song. As one of the stand out tracks from the highly anticipated EP ‘To The Bag’, Professor Paws continues to push the theme of his consistent pursuit of the finer things in life. The video highlights the momentum that is being build around the release of his latest EP, as he blesses us with countless bangers we continue to see the upward trajectory that Professor Paws career is taking!