mynameisleonidas drops otherworldly bass-laden track ‘lands’

Enigmatic musician / producer mynameisleonidas returns with yet another otherworldly, bass driven, infectious pop track ‘lands’ out now through Kitsuné Musique. 

Newly discovered by cult fashion and music label Kitsuné, little is known about the mysterious masked artist apart from his knack for catchy soul-driven lo-fi electronic pop melodies. 

He cryptically explains: “Whhat if the Spartans did a music battle against the Persians?”

Hailing from an undisclosed location somewhere on earth. mynameisleonidas channels the spirit of Greek mythology and conjures a unique blend of soul, pop, rock, electronics and hip hop, peppered with a heady dose of spoken word. His music is the only clue that offers a unique insight into the mind of mynameisleonidas. Although much of his past remains a blur, he is most definitely one to watch for the future. #ournameisleonidas