N3WPORT ‘Best Part of Me’ ft. SVRCINA Heaven Sent

N3WPORT grapples with heart-shattering emotions on his label debut for Heaven Sent with “Best Part of Me,” featuring a forlorn vocal delivery from pop sensation SVRCINA. 

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At its supremely sentimental core, the new single from the explosive melodic bass phenom from Washington D.C. falls firmly in the wheelhouse of the breakout producer. Within the last couple of years, N3WPORT has managed to find his footing in the melodic bass lane via a quick succession of releases capable of stirring up feelings oftentimes tucked beneath the surface. His latest offering is perhaps his most sincere production to date, as he tackles the all-too-familiar experience of having love slip through your fingertips. “Best Part of Me” dives heart first into a downward spiral, with its palpable suffering brought to life by a breathtaking feature from the sensational songstress SVRCINA. There’s a sinking sensation elicited from every flawless note she hits as she works her way up and down her impressive vocal register, meanwhile N3WPORT makes the sorrow even more tangible through somber piano stabs, sweeping synth riffs, gentle percussive punches, and bittersweet arpeggiations dotting the vulnerable valleys between each emotional peak. The hook alone will have you wiping your eyes in an attempt to stop the waterworks from getting too carried away. 

“This song has been a work in progress for almost a year and it’s SO cool to see it out,” says N3WPORT. “I began writing this one with Sarah McIntyre and SRVCINA back in July exploring the concepts of love and loss. What blossomed from multiple writing sessions, production versions, lyric changes and mixing fixes is certainly one of my favorite songs I’ve ever been a part of.” 

N3WPORT is coming off a whirlwind of a 2020, after blowing through nearly two dozen releases with a whole host of credible camps that have cumulatively grossed 23M streams on Spotify. The top-tier support for his tracks should be telling, having earned recognition from Gryffin, Slushii, Tiësto and, of course, the dancefloor giants, SLANDER. It’s safe to say the door has been flung wide open at this point, and it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see his name pop up again on the Heaven Sent catalog before too long. For the time being, thought, “Best Part of Me” stands as an impeccable start to what will hopefully be a regular occurrence. 

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