Natalie Duncan shines on soulful gem ‘Hearts in a Cage’

London-based singer, songwriter and pianist Natalie Duncan returns to Fallen Tree 1Hundred, the boutique music label curated by Goldie.

‘Hearts In A Cage’ is the first in a series of brand new songs recorded for Fallen Tree. For the recording of the new songs for Fallen Tree 1Hundred, Natalie teamed up with musician friends close to her heart – Long-time collaborators Richard Spaven on drums and Alan Mian on bass, along with synth specialist Laurence Jepson, guitarist Rashaan Brown and coming producer/engineer in the studio, Chris Hewitt.  

Natalie says: “I wrote this song during the second lockdown and I felt a lot of anguish during that time, a lot was going on socially. The lyrics are a love letter to women, especially black women and girls. It is a message about discovering and falling in love with your identity again after adversity and violence. I had in depth conversations with my Mum who is a Jamaican immigrant. Those powerful conversations lead to her voice being on the track…”

To celebrate, Goldie brings in the legendary 4hero on remix duties. The remix a stunning, live played soul-jazz gem, reminiscent of 4hero classics from the Talkin’ Loud era of the late 90s and 2000s.  

Release Dates (FT1H014):
Hearts In A Cage – Streaming June 17th 2022
Hearts In A Cage (4hero Remix) – iTunes/Stores 24th June 2022 and Streaming July 1st 2022