Need to Do When What You Low in Testosterone

The way we talk now has changed a lot, and it is changing every single day with new buzzwords. Everyone thinks they are an expert in many subjects just because they read a thing or two about it. It is much easier to share misinformation rather than the truth, and it is much harder to undo the damage of misinformation. This is where many problems on the internet arise, from the fact that there are so many people talking wrong about popular subjects.

A regular person will have trouble unraveling the truth from lies not just on the internet but in real life. This is a big concern because this ignorance is becoming a soft spot for manipulation to take over. One of the highly debated topics on the internet right now, especially in the manosphere, is testosterone. This short article will give you the proper information regarding low testosterone and what to do about it.

Reputable sources

The number one thing you should do is use many different sources to get your information regarding testosterone. It is very important to find a trusted authority on testosterone and find more of them to read well-written articles. Proper sources include citations, and they can back their information from biochemical and medical studies.

Reputable sources are not hindered by money, and they are not sponsored by anyone related to selling steroids. Reputable sources base their claims on data, not on their own experience and stories told by other random dudes. Reputable sources also promote you to doubt their work and not take it as dogma.

Understanding the basics

It is important to first answer the questions of what testosterone is and what low testosterone means. Testosterone is a steroid hormone that regulates many bodily functions, not just muscle mass. It is an integral hormone for both men and women that must stay within homeostatic boundaries. Too little testosterone is bad and too much is bad for men and women.

Many cells have hormone receptors which are located inside the cytoplasm. Testosterone is lipophilic, meaning it does not dissolve in water and buffered fluids of our body well. Testosterone is usually bound to a protein called human serum albumin because of this. Many people think this testosterone is not useful, but those are misconceptions. 

Hormones are really complicated

As it was mentioned, testosterone is important for regulating many different bodily functions. This does not mean if you have a problem with bone mass that it is due to a lack of testosterone. It could be, but chances are that it is a whole other molecule, probably protein, not doing its role.

It is impossible to put all of the blame on a simple condition such as low testosterone if you are experiencing a problem related to testosterone. There are situations where your mental and physical health is a consequence of low testosterone, but it also can be due to something else.

Talking to a professional

The first thing you should do if you think you have low testosterone is talk to a professional. First, you need to perform blood tests and take the results to someone who can interpret the results. You should not be the judge of these results unless you are a medical professional or have a degree in biochemistry.

Once they have taken a look at the blood results, it is time to perform other tests to see if a testosterone boost would help you out. Only when a professional deems it safe for you to take testosterone, you should only take it in doses prescribed under their supervision.


The best way you can make sure your testosterone levels are optimal is by getting enough sleep. Sleep is important for all bodily functions, including healthy amounts of testosterone. Your body can’t produce enough testosterone if it is overwhelmed with other problems due to lack of sleep.

Getting enough sleep means sleeping in amounts suitable for your unique body. People say that 8 hours is optimal, but some people need less, and some people need more sleep. You are the one who knows how much sleep is the best for you and stick to that.


Your body can’t produce testosterone if it is not fed well enough to perform many complicated functions the body needs to perform. This does not mean eating only meat every single day, meat will not yield more testosterone. You need proper amounts of carbs, fats, proteins, and vitamins if you want your body to produce testosterone.

Carbs are especially important, so your body does not convert other important nutrients into a source of energy. Do you remember that testosterone is lipophilic, meaning it has a fatty character to it? This is why getting enough fats is important, your body uses it for energy but also for producing lipophilic compounds. 

Working out

Your body starts producing testosterone much more when you are performing physical activity. In order to start secreting this testosterone, among many other good compounds, you need to start moving more.

You do not need to hit the gym daily and lift fridges to produce testosterone. There are many workouts you can do at home if you want to start feeling testosterone in your veins. This is why it is important to talk to a professional, so they can give you the right diet and workout tips for your unique body.

As you can see, managing testosterone levels is something you can do without using steroids freely. By using steroids irresponsibly, you will have many more problems than you had before you started using them. Steroid usage is a vicious cycle that people do not talk about and do not take seriously enough.

We should not tamper with hormones unless we know the exact mechanisms of how they function. People do not look at the bigger picture of what hormonal balance is and just think about one hormone. Each and every molecule in our bodies is connected in one way or the other to make a perfect balance we call homeostasis. By tampering with hormones without any knowledge, you can easily disrupt this homeostasis, which will cause an avalanche of other problems.