Nelson Beer fuses spaced out electronica on ‘And The Thunder’

Delivers spaced out electronica on ‘And The Thunder’

Taken from new EP ‘Orlando’ due 7th May via [PIAS] Recordings

Left-field electronic musician / composer Nelson Beer is pleased to announce a brand new track ‘And The Thunder’ out now through [PIAS] Recordings. Lifted from his forthcoming EP ‘Orlando’ due this Spring, Beer once again delivers a spaced out slice of blissful electronica.

‘And The Thunder’ is a disarmingly, exquisite composition, delving into the darker, more abstract realms of electronic music. Beer explains: “And the Thunder explores the vast liminal space of the ocean, its inextricable link with capitalism, and with the creatures that it fosters, where beings and non-beings co-exist in chaos or symbiosis.”

He goes on to add: “The EP Orlando was composed with the idea of using sound as a means of archiving the present and as a fluid archive of history. I have been inspired by different Western European traditions in the use of the diatonic and pentatonic major scale (folk), thirds (country) and recording techniques such as field recording and binoral microphones (musique concrète, electro-acoustic music). I have also been influenced by classical music from South Asia where the space between notes is often more important than the notes themselves, such as the khali in Indian tala which is a specific notation for ghost notes.”

Nelson Beer is a Swiss composer based between Paris and Geneva. His productions resonate with club music, noise, ambient, musique concrète (Cci , Ways of Listening) and pop (Oblique I & II, Modern Love).

In 2013, in collaboration with several producers from around the world, Nelson set up ON LAND collective, which creates a fabric of experimentation and exchange between several styles of music and cultures. In 2015, he performed for Christian Marclay at White Cube Bermondsey. In 2016, he worked alongside Susan Hiller and Ajmet Ogut to create an experimental Jukebox.

In 2017 Nelson collaborated as a sound designer with Marguerite Humeau for her exhibition RIDDLES at the Schinkel Pavilion in Berlin and with George Henry Longly for the DAIMYO exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo.

After graduating in Architecture at Goldsmiths, University of London, and following the release of his film Atmofutures: No One Left in The City (2018), Nelson continues to experiment with sound, video and performance, weaving a link between geopolitics and art.