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New artist agency Frills enters the electronic music scene

From their newly established headquarters in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, Frills launches operations with a promise to shake up the landscape of today’s House, Techno & Electronic scene, bringing together a team of specialists in artist development to offer a multi-faceted range of services, from bookings, marketing and brand creation to business affairs, consulting, record label management and event production. 

“House and Techno are way more to us than just music genres. It’s all about a culture, a lifestyle, a common understanding of values. Collectively we have lived and breathed the moments that defined the last three decades of dance music, right up until the present”, reads the company mission statement. 

Frills forges and nurtures relationships with electronic music artists based on trust, friendship, integrity, honesty, transparency, and loyalty. The primary focus is to help artists to develop their profiles and personalities by providing customised concepts and services, but with a different approach.

By redefining the traditional relationship between artist and manager/agent, Frills acts as a close partner to their artists, helping to facilitate every facet of an artists’ career by creating and executing strategies tailored to their specific needs and goals. With a nuanced understanding of the scene and a genuine love and appreciation for the music itself, Frills decodes metrics sensitively and intelligently, working together to understand how best to develop the trajectory of an artists’ career. Their carefully curated network of international contacts opens the door to new territories in order to promote and tour music, and their expertise in successful brand creation offers the chance to hone an artist’s profile or even forge a new identity.

Headed by Aga Heller – a dance music professional with over 25 years of experience in the industry, including work with Solomun, Diynamic and global events brand HYTE – and David Lewis – founder and co-owner of several leading companies in the electronic music industry – the experienced team have a multi-faceted background and wealth of experience in various fields of the entertainment industry. United by their passion for raving and their dedication to maintaining the roots of the underground House and Techno scene, the ethos at the heart of the company is ‘artist first’, where every artist has equal priority and is selected based on their own individual merits. The artists’ objectives can be shared with Frills as partners, team members and friends. 

Frills may have opened their doors one week before the Coronavirus pandemic dealt a crippling blow to the global events industry, but they are in no hurry to rush things.  

“We’ve been able to build our roster and our processes from the ground up. We want to announce our partnerships with artists gradually – these relationships go deeper than quick trends or overnight social media success. We want to nurture every aspect of an artists’ career and that involves a commitment from both parties that is for the long term. We want to help shape the next generation of electronic music for decades to come, from behind the scenes, in the booth and on the dancefloor”, says Heller. 

Further details about Frills, such as the agency codex, the mission statement and the services can be found on the new website


We are Frills, and we are an artist agency based in Berlin. We support electronic music artists to live their dreams by providing a multi-faceted range of services, from bookings, marketing and brand creation to business affairs, consulting, record label management and event production. Our primary focus is artist development, we help to shape artist profiles. Our goal is to inspire artists with our holistic approach, our creativity, our network, our expertise. We combine a high level of knowledge and experience in all fields of the music business, but with a strong understanding of the needs of the underground scene. We are enthusiastic when it comes to our job, we love to contribute our very best to the underground Techno & House world. We know where we are coming from, and we always will stay true to our roots. We have a responsibility towards the culture we are living for. We are real ravers by heart.