New digital collab-house Ledo set to transform the music industry

Conceived by music industry veterans, Ledo is the first platform of its kind aiming to set creativity free: empowering music makers and content creators to collaborate directly and increase their exposure on social media
Content creators and music makers can access Ledo today via

Music industry powerhouse duo Sarah Hildering and Eelko van Kooten (Founder Spinnin Records) unveil ‘Ledo’, a new platform that will allow artists and content creators to easily market and monetize their music and content through collaborative partnerships on social media. Watch the explainer video, here.

Ledo aims to put creatives back in control of their own content and to bring together like-minded game-changers who have a common love of music. Content creators have shown they can send songs into a viral frenzy and see them soar to the top of the charts. Meanwhile, 99% of independent artists aren’t signed at a traditional label or don’t have the means to get their music heard. Ledo was created as a platform for music makers and content creators to connect and reach new audiences through creative collaborations.

Content creators can access a free download library of quality music to make their content stand out, or earn money for promoting music they love via Ledo’s collab-house. As a music maker, you can work with leading influencers to increase your streams and revenue without having to worry about copyright or clearance. Through Ledo’s marketplace, artists can choose to either pay an influencer a fixed fee to promote a track or they can negotiate a royalty split. Exposure on social media translates to increased streams and therefore increased revenue for artists. Additionally, both parties can access a new audience and boost their awareness on social media.

Until September, Ledo’s service is free for all parties, after which the artist can determine whether Ledo receives 5% of the streaming income or a fixed amount of 5 euros per track. Signing up to Ledo and accessing the Free Music Library is free for content creators and brands.

I am well aware of the pain points that music makers experience with regards to managing their music, their royalty income and successfully promoting their music”, says Eelko van Kooten, Owner & Co-founder, Ledo. “I wanted to introduce something that would offer a solution to today’s independent artist. To give back creative control to those who make the music and connect the worlds of music makers and content creators, Ledo allows both worlds to collaborate but also become more successful together than they would individually. I’m extremely excited for the launch and contributing to the success of both those worlds in the age of social media dominance.”

Ledo’s Free Music Library is a disruptive counter-movement to the traditional sync model which is slow, untransparent, and expensive. Music sync is a valuable way for artists to get exposure, while content creators and brands can use cleared, quality but free original music on their socials and in their campaigns. The Free Music Library is a place to share and find music quickly and easily.

The era of social media has empowered creators to connect more directly, and has offered them transparency on how to promote themselves”, says Sarah Hildering, Music Rights Specialist & Co-founder/CEO, Ledo. “Artists and influencers now have access to data and can make more impact compared to the traditional marketing model of music. We built a platform based on the principle of creative freedom and ownership. Today, almost a third of all music is already being self-released by artists in this 12 billion dollar streaming economy. Whereas, 150 million content creators are not properly monetizing their socials of which music is the beating heart. Ledo allows both artists and influencers to collaborate directly so that independent music can be promoted and monetized effectively on social media by the creators themselves. Ledo is the result of a long road learning from, and working with independent talent: that creativity thrives when set free.”

Content creators and music makers can register now via Follow Ledo on Instagram here for more announcements to come.

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