New Friends release polished video for energetic and pulsing single “Waste My Time”

Ontario’s New Friends are back with the second single from their upcoming EP, an exhausted yet euphoric track about a toxic relationship. It’s an admission that this dynamic has crossed the boundary from healthy and fun to now being abusive and devastating.  

Stream Here :

Waste My Time” features tantalizing verses with intimate vocals which bloom into the chorus’ breath of fresh air, the feeling of relief after having confronted your problems. It’s a smooth and bass driven piece of alternative indie pop, displaying the band’s confident introspection.

“Eat up every word you say, my perception dilates.”

New Friends use the analogy of love as a drug to depict crossing over into a state of submission. “Whether true or false, you will still sit there and truly value the other person’s opinion more than your own because that is how deep love can go,” explains the band.

Consider the official video for “Waste My Time” on YouTube: