Electronic neo-soul artist – Nnic – is pleased to present her debut EP: ‘Slow Motion Fantasy’; a collection of three, equally evocative and enigmatic alt/pop creations that explore all corners of the alt/pop universe.

Born out of a need for vibrant energetic escapism whilst living amongst the slow outdated attitudes of cushy suburbia, the Dublin artist joins forces with esteemed producer Yurn to deliver a remarkable debut offering.


Following recent singles including the twitching Billie Eilish-inspired “Chase Dream” and the sleek dancefloor orientations of “When You’re There”, Nnic today joins the dots with the cerebral synthtronica of: “Slow Motion Fantasy”.


With ideals aligned to those that reverberate through the entire EP, “Slow Motion Fantasy” sees Nnic taking aim at the false promises and perceptions often found in cushy Suburbia. Rejecting the quintessential ‘good life’ as a “breeding ground for unprogressive ignorance”, the track is piqued with incisive lyrical commentary that finds the singer daring to challenge conformity and standing her ground. Homing-in on one of its most cutting lyrical barbs, Nnic elaborates:

“‘You’re inside take on the point of real estate is greed’ is a jab at advice culture directed at young people on how to tackle the demonstrably corrupt housing crisis. These comments are often made by government officials who are continually apathetic to solving the issue and prefer to focus their energy on demolishing club venues in order to build more hotels. Irish society would thrive a whole lot more if it could stop making young people feel like a bug on a windshield.`

“Slow Motion Fantasy ” is the third and final single to be extracted from Nnic’s debut E.P. Made in collaboration with Yurn, it’s a release that convulses with a feverish, frenetic, escapist energy, aching to be set free. Adding his signature production and nuanced arrangements to “Slow Motion Fantasy”, Yurn reflects of the creative process:

“I wanted it to be playful, so there’s some fun elements in there, like pianos bending with delays, percussion flanging or whole tracks being reamped with an old tascam 8 track recorder. My favourite part is the big anthemic lead, which was a rack tom tuned high and fed through a sampler and big granular reverb.”

Melding joint passions for soul vocals and ethereal productions, Nnic is the alias of Irish artist and performer: Naoise Fitzgerald. To date, Nnic has garnered over 2 million streams on Spotify from her enrapturing single releases alone, with tracks such as “The Place” securing slots on Spotify’s “The Most Beautiful Songs in the World” , Evening Indie and New Music Friday playlists.

Nnic has been labelled ‘a powerhouse vocalist’ by John Kennedy of Radio X and a creator of an ‘undefinable sound’ from District Magazine. She continues to receive support from tastemakers such as BBC Across the line, Fresh on The Net, Nialler9, Earmilk,, 2FM and more.

After sell out shows in Dublin and the UK, Nnic successfully captured the crowds at Other Voices Ballina, We’ve Only Just Begun and Ireland Music Week. 

Cementing her reputation for powerful, seductive pop that’s unafraid to get political, Nnic debut EP ‘Slow Motion Fantasy’ is out now. Its eye-popping artwork comes courtesy of the award-winning Aoife Dunne.

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