No Plexus share innovative new single and music video ‘Observation’

The track will feature on the duo’s upcoming debut album ‘Rite of Passage’

Experimental electronic music duo No Plexus expand their ceaselessly creative conceptual vision with the striking new single ‘Observation’, out 8th September on The Platform Records.

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A beguiling blend of bubblegum pop, industrial synthwave and dubstep, ‘Observation’ bursts with invention. The track sees No Plexus lyrically skewering the generational divide and prejudices between millennials and boomers. The music is similarly sardonic, with a complete disregard for pop music conventions and utilization of chaotic and often aggressive accompaniment. There are sonic references to late 90s video game aesthetic and the early 2000s Britney Spears era, alluding to an age of pop cultural innocence.

The track also comes with a mind bending music video which takes the nostalgic element to another level, depicting Bec (of No Plexus) as one of hundreds of ‘Bratz’ dolls, in animation sequences reminiscent of early 2000’s movies such as Spy Kids, and golden era MTV green-screen dance sequences. Filmed in Melbourne, Australia with creative studio PopCandi, the video is a sumptuous feast of nostalgic references and chaos.

“The lyrical content of ‘Observation’ is a sarcastic and mocking re-examination of the prejudices and micro-aggressions that were inflicted on our generation (generation Y) by our parents’ generation (baby boomers),” the duo says of the track. “In the 2010s, every news cycle seemed to present evidence for how “millennials” were ruining something, or how our failure to enter the real estate market was just the result of our obsession for avocado toast and lattes.”

No Plexus is a genre-queer experimental electronic music duo consisting of artists No Compliments and Bec Plexus. Their concept-driven approach to music is the result of both artists’ background in contemporary classical music fusing with a shared affinity for electronic music. Live sets from No Plexus combine raw and physical vocal performances, anchored by densely detailed drum programming and ever-evolving sound and visual design. A natural extension of their ceaseless creativity is the fact that No Plexus were chosen to be Rewire’s Young Artist in Residence for 2023 and 2024.

It’s easy to see why, too: while the duo’s DJ sets fuse hyperpop and industrial with their own remixes and edits, their immersive live shows are equally technologically-advanced, future-facing and genre-defying. Having worked with Emmanuel Biard (Evian ChristKorelessLotic), their performances feature holographic display systems, extensive light programming and live-video feeds from webcams with AI-assisted facial-tracking technology.

Similarly futuristic is No Plexus’ debut album, the multi-layered journey Rite Of Passage, coming out on 6th October. The duo are set to play a set of shows around the release, including stops in Amsterdam and Nantes.

With more singles and a full album on the way, ‘Observation’ is a primer for the conceptually brilliant and sonically adventurous work of No Plexus.

Tour dates

29 September 23 – Club Hits Different @ Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam, ND)

18 November 23 – Le Lieu Unique (Nantes, FR)

16 December 23 – Album release & double bill with fashion label The Nightmare Disorder, hosted by The Platform (Amsterdam, ND)

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