NOHA SARÉ Creeps ‘Into Your Head’ with hypnotising new track

Rising Amsterdam-based alt-pop/ R&B artist Noha Saré returns with a bold new single ‘Into your Head’, out now. Delving deeper into her inner psyche, she fuses subtle electronic styling over her vulnerable vocal delivery.

Noha says: “Into Your Head is about this manipulative little voice in my own head that makes me feel small and the world around me bigger, more toxic, more dangerous.”

The single is accompanied by a beautiful videoclip, directed by dear friend Izak Berman. It’s not the first time they’ve worked together and the video is definitely one of their best works yet. A promising snippet of what we can expect from her upcoming EP due February 2023.

Last year the singer released her first singles and videoclips and they haven’t gone unnoticed. Spotify featured the songs in well known playlists like ‘New Music Friday’ and ‘Karakter’ and big platforms like ‘Vogue NL’ and ‘Metal Magazine’ gave rave reviews.

Into Your Head is about a controlling manipulative voice in Noha’s head, that makes her feel small and the world around her bigger, more toxic, more dangerous. The visuals show Noha’s internal battle through various scenes, which seems to hang somewhere between reality and a dream. There’s something threatening and dangerous about the images.

Izak Berman: “I wanted to magnify Noha’s emotional world to theatrical proportions by creating symbolic, dark fantasies. At the same time, I found it extremely important to emphasize Noha’s humanity and honesty in the video: her willingness to show the fragility that lies behind the facade.”