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Noisily Festival Announces Noisily “The Game” going live on 11th July (The Weekend That Would Have Been Noisily), and Prize Draw with amazing high end Jewelry and more up for grabs

Noisily Festival Announces Noisily “The Game” going live on 11th ...
Prize Draw – Learn more and buy tickets here

Tickets: $10 each, available here

Some of Noisily’s incredibly generous community have offered donations in the shape of some stunning jewelry, clothes, sunglasses and rugs, worth thousands of £’s. So we’re excited to be launching our inaugural Noisily Prize draw, which will be drawn live over the Weekend that Should Have Been Noisily during “The Game”

Remember, the more tickets you buy, the more chance you have to win. 

Noisily “The Game”

11th July: 4pm – 10pm
12th July: 3pm – 11pm 
Suggested Donation – £5

Built by Noisily fan and professional dreamweaver Batuhan Bintas(Imaginatrix Studio), this, the virtual world of Noisily, is a full stack universe imagined and executed in the realms of cyberspace for your gaming pleasure! 

As we come to the close of our #SAVENOISILY campaign, we thought that whilst this of course cannot replace the annual homecoming in Coney Woods, it could provide a healthy dose of fun as we are unable to exchange slow-mo high fives amongst the trees in Leicestershire! 
You’ll find our 3 flagship stages, Noisily, Liquid and Treehouse, with the following line up:
100th Monkey // Andreas Henneberg vs. Beth Lydi //  Captain Hook // Dickster // DJ Ipcress// Emok // Gaudi // Grouch // Hypnocoustics // James Monro // John Monkman 
& More to be announced.  

Journey through a portal to our Mind Body Soul area where you can engage with talks, sound healing, meditations and workshops, limber up with some yoga, and even delve into some Wim Hof training. MINDThe Hypnosis Lounge – Releasing & Letting Go WorkshopLumenate – Tech Induced Psychedelia & Guided MeditationPaulina Hutchinson, Earth Mamma Essential Oils – Essential Oils 101Rachel Corby – Wild ForagingHeather Gordon Athié, Caluna Wellness – Introduction to the Wim Hof Method – Science, breathwork & cold exposureBODYHelene Su, Niio Dance – Dancing with the TreesHely Cameron, Patterns of Nature – Nature Flow Esther Benwell, Today is Awesome Yoga – Exploring SpaceAdvayamati – Body DharmaSOULPhilip Cooper, Karmakanic – Gong Bath & Yoga NidraThe Hypnosis Lounge – Releasing & Letting Go PowerNapSonic Enchantment The Hypnosis Lounge – Deep Theta Healing PowerNapThe Shanti Space – Cacao CeremonyUNWINDTashi Pritchard, The Lotus Hut – Sacred Earth, Sacred Heart MeditationAmisha Ghadiali, The Future is Beautiful – Presence MeditationThe Hypnosis Lounge – Spirit of Gratitude Guided MeditationAmisha Ghadiali, The Future is Beautiful – Peace Meditation& more to be announced. 

How does it work? 
Think Tomb Raider, just with less guns and more Techno. You pick an avatar, choose your game name, enter the virtual world and explore to your heart’s content. You can find you friends on the dance floor and start up a conversation, all the while sitting at your computers at home, and of course make sure to plug into some decent speakers or chunky headphones to get the full experience. 
There are a number of exciting secret perks inside too, such as hidden free tickets, and the collection of cyber mushrooms, and if you opt to buy a Prize Draw ticket on the way in we’ll be announcing the winners inside the game too.