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Noisily Festival to return In 2021

Noisily Festival 2021 Tickets Lineup | 8 - 11 July | Leicester, UK

By hook or by crook Noisily made it through 2020, and that is in no small part down to the incredible family that we have built over the years, who supported the event in it’s darker days.
So, to the future! Noisily is back on track and we are moving full steam ahead with a few cheeky changes. So, before we embark on another 8 months of creative content to get your juices flowing, a little bit of housekeeping…

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Noisily Festival to return in 2021 
8-11th July 2021

The Virus that shall Not be Named
Obviously we couldn’t jump back in the saddle without addressing the elephant in the room.
Thanks to the fundraiser and subsequent government grant, Noisily’s future is secure even if 2021 is also unable to happen. In this situation we guarantee that all ticket buyers will get a refund if they would like it, minus the booking fee. 

However, our view – which is one shared by many of the events industry and is being pushed forward by vast investment by airlines & governments – is that by the summer rapid testing will have gotten to a point where we will be able to go ahead safely. We are deep in planning for this scenario, as well as the many other scenarios that could unfold.

We are well aware of the uncertainty the future holds. However the CRF grant has offered a life line, we have been given the opportunity to comprehensively plan for Noisily 2021 without any risk to your ticket money, the money raised by you in the save noisily campaign or the event as a whole, and we are grabbing this golden opportunity by the horns. We will do everything in our power to put on Noisily 2021, but NEVER at the risk of you or anyone’s wellbeing. 

We are overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of breaching Coney Woods with you lot next July. Dear Lord, can you imagine the vibe! INSANE! 

The Music
Each year when we weave the line up together, there are a small number of more sought after artists on it who are based abroad. The musical programming at Noisily has long been about the complete soundtrack of the weekend, not the individual artist, and we love to welcome performers who are as much at the festival to party as to play – they always just get the vibe and never fail to perform – unlike some of the bigger names. 

However, balancing these performers has always been a hard call to make as our “Headliners” create the most hype in the build up to the event. This year, though, given the new world we live in, we have made the decision to take the plunge and balance the line up, celebrating more local artists from the Noisily Family who will blow the bloody doors off as well as anyone with a bigger price tag.