Novaa channels new wave synth pop on breezy ‘School Friends’

Berlin based alt-pop singer-songwriter Novaa returns with a brand new single ‘School Friends’ released this April, lifted from her forthcoming album due in May this year.

Novaa lets emotion do the talking, fusing offbeat, unfiltered melodies over personal, introspective lyricism, ‘School Friends’ might be the antidote we all need right now.

Novaa explains: “Sometimes melodies or lyrics come to me in dreams. Mostly it’s only fragments, but back in winter 2020 I was dreaming of a music video with a whole chorus. I remember that I was running through a hall way in a school guided by the chorus of ‘School Friends’. When I woke up I recorded the idea on my phone, it got stuck in my head and when I got to my studio a couple of days later I recorded it. This song is probably the most fun one to me on this record. I don’t have the best memories of my time in school, I mostly felt like an outcast, but this song makes it lighter and helps me find peace with that. I hope it does that for others too.“

Novaa is a 25-year-old artist, songwriter and producer from Berlin who released her third record ‘She’s A Rose’ in July 2021. Stripped back sound coupled with intense emotions permeate her new album. Novaa paints a picture of gender roles and the challenges women face today from a radically personal perspective. Her unique voice has garnered press attention from the likes of Clash, Complex, The Line of Best Fit, C Heads Magazine and Nothing But Hope and passion to name a few.

However, Novaa wouldn’t be Novaa if she didn’t already have another self-produced album in the pipeline – the second side of the album, called ‘She’s A Star’, features Novaa’s humorous take on tough topics, paired with electronic beats and her inimitable musical style. It will be released in May 2022.

School Friends / 8th April