The past couple of months, NUZB has been building towards the release of his first EP, which took shape with every track he released. With 5 releases lined up, it’s finally time for the official release of RetroFuture.

The latest addition to the bunch is his brand new track ‘Get In’ which showcases a completely different sound and according to NUZB is ‘’one of the best tunes I’ve ever made’’. The EP also includes earlier releases ‘Don’t Talk’, ‘No Rush’, ‘Want Your Body’ and ‘Nighttime’. 

RetroFuture represents the movement NUZB started after last year’s quarantaine. After lots of experimenting with his music and influences he ended up bringing them together. Finding inspiration in retro-futuristic things such as movies, series and music, he also added his Brazilian roots to the music, surely making his home country proud. RetroFuture is here to bring people good vibes and energy and to connect them with the new future.