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Blossoming NYC-based duo MindGazm return to the release radar with intriguing four-track, ‘Sensual Guidance’ EP. The latest offering from MindGazm effortlessly fuses smooth funk, rock sensibilities, and mesmerizing electronic elements.  The duo has created a unique signature sound that doesn’t adhere to the confines of any one genre. Creating an immersive experience with their music, the creative forces behind MindGazm combine experimental visual art alongside their genre-blending releases. Out now via Symphonic, ‘Sensual Guidance’ EP is available across streaming platforms.


The EP opens strongly with the titular track, as dazzling electronic elements dance over rock-leaning instrumentals. Immediately transporting the listener on a sonic journey, ‘Sensual Guidance’ captivates the audience’s attention from start to finish with a driving soundscape. The second track, ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ lends a sultry and groovy melody with distinctive layered instrumentals, edging closer to melodic deep house, this track is meant to embody the sensation of seeing something that you just can’t ignore. Serving as an unparalleled addition to their catalogue, ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ cascades into a downtempo house atmosphere while the lively instrumentation maintains the jubilant energy.

Transitioning into the third single, ‘Sympathy’, MindGazm lends a euphoric deep house melody while intertwining funk-inspired instrumentals into the atmosphere. Meant to embody the emotion it builds on the previous track in the storyline easing the listener to keep their eyes and hearts open. MindGazm effortlessly blends somber electronic elements with roaring instrumentals in ‘Sympathy’. The final track on the EP, ‘Sound Melody’, opens with a yearning ambient guitar-driven melody before transcending into a funk-infused soundscape. Each of the tracks on the ‘Sensual Guidance’ EP stands out with their unique individual productions while cohesively fitting together as one in a genre-bending deep house melodic groove. 

“Sensual Guidance is a philosophical haiku to help guide and challenge the listener in a genre-bending deep house expedition.” – MindGazm

The duo of Gregory Gelfand and Jenya Taran are the creative masterminds behind the MindGazm project. The pair has been diligently honing their signature style over the past few years, experimenting with various genres including deep house, electronic, funk, rock, and jazz. They’ve had quite the productive year despite the circumstances, delivering a handful of EPs and singles self-released as well as on Trax Records and Symphonic. Their secret formula of pairing immersive visual art with their genre-bending releases is the driving force behind the groundbreaking, genre-bending project.  MindGazm’s skillful studio precision is evident in each subsequent release as they continue to build on their unmatched discography. 

Closing out the year on a high note, the ‘Sensual Guidance’ EP primes MindGazm as artists to watch in 2021 and beyond. With a unique blend of electronic and rock-infused sensibilities, the duo sets new standards of deep house rock with their latest release.