The DJ and producer rose to prominence in New York in the ’80s

NYC house legend Angel Moraes has died.

Celebrated Brooklyn-born DJ and producer Angel Moraes passed away “abruptly” the 27th February, aged 55. The news was announced via the artist’s Facebook page. No cause of death has been announced.

“Angel passed away yesterday abruptly,” the statement reads. “He passes away surrounded with the people that loved him unconditionaly.”

“He lived a full life and he always told me: when I drop dead, I will have no regrets cause I lived an awesome fucking life. He is one of the few that accomplised everything he set his heart to… .but we still had so many projects for the future.”

Moraes rose to prominence in the New York house scene during the late ’80s, and was co-founder of the Hot ‘N’ Spycy label alongside Jeffrey Rodman. During his career, Moraes released a number of house anthems including ‘Body Work’, ‘Welcome To The Factory’ and ‘To The Rhythm’, remixed the likes of Jaydee and Pet Shop Boys, and released his final EP in 2019 via Nervous Records.