OAKS  ‘Genesis of the Abstract’

From the band: “The idea of being an instrumental band is so that we can tell stories without words. It’s quite an exciting challenge for us. We feel that it has allowed us to express our creativity more freely than we could with a singer.

Our debut album, ‘Genesis of the Abstract’ is a conceptual album. The main idea is the creation of the abstract as a concept. When it came to writing, we wanted the record to feel like one long song. However, each track has its own meaning and atmosphere.

The visualization of our music is very important to us. That’s why we created a video show. We conceptualize our projects as a synesthetic experience.”


Our bass player is also a great painter, so he really wanted to create the cover of this album. He made all of the cover art for our singles.

The idea was to symbolize the creation of the abstract. We discussed what this idea represented to us, and while doing so, some words just popped up: lines, circles, waves, sleek design…

With our gatefold LP and CD you can enjoy this incredible design. We also have a Blue and Grey design for the CD version.