Oakstop Alliance Presents Oakland Hip-Hop Compilation “Royalty Summit”

Oakland-based nonprofit Oakstop Alliance is proud to announce their new compilation album Royalty Summit is due out December 23rd. Royalty Summit is a 12-track album curated by Oakstop Alliance and Homeboy Sandman to showcase Oakland’s most exciting homegrown Hip-Hop talent. Pre-order/Pre-save Royalty Summit:

Oakland, California is an undeniable breeding ground for culture and talent. The city has spawned musical greats such as Kehlani, Raphael Saadiq, Kamaiyah, Fantastic Negrito and many others. Local artists have long expressed the desire to cultivate the musical scene to provide the creative resources readily available in cities like New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. The Oakland Resident initiative was created by Oakstop Alliance to provide increased visibility to Oakland musicians, producers, and engineers by facilitating stress-free collaborations with progressive artists from around the world…in Oakland.

Royalty Summit is the debut release from the Oakland Resident music initiative. Homeboy Sandman was planning the west coast run for his There In Spirit Tour when longtime friend and Oakstop Alliance Executive Director Damon Johnson pitched him with the concept. The 12-track album was recorded over 3 days in Oakland as a residency collaboration between Homeboy Sandman, and over 20 Oakland musical artists and professionals. 

The groundbreaking compilation album Royalty Summit is due for release on December 23rd, 2022. For more info on Oakstop Alliance visit their website:

Listen to Royalty Summit: 

Royalty Summit Tracklist

  1. Bas1 Intro
  2. The Journey (ft. Homeboy Sandman, Simago, and James Wavey)
  3. Just Because (ft. Homeboy Sandman, Honest in 10land, and Tone Oliver)
  4. Programmin’ (ft. Fuze, GAM, Honest in 10land, and Tone Oliver)
  5. Come Around (ft. GAM, Alai the Guy, and Homeboy Sandman)
  6. Now (ft. Mike Fish, Homeboy Sandman, and Michael Sneed)
  7. The Herb Garden (ft. Alai the Guy, Homeboy Sandman, and Ovrkast.)
  8. Just Because [REMIX](ft. Homeboy Sandman, Jada Imani, and James Wavey)
  9. Look at the Rim (ft. Homeboy Sandman, A-Plus, and Michael Sneed)
  10. Voice of My Own (ft. Simago, Honest in 10land, and Mike Fish)
  11. Witness (ft. Fuze and Homeboy Sandman)
  12. Bas1 Outro