Ogechimusic is back with ethereal R&B hitWhatever

Ogechi’s music is as visual as it is sonic, weaving gorgeous R&B textures with Pop sensibilities creating a sound that feels nostalgic but still retains a contemporary edge. The Nigerian born singer has been bubbling under for the last number of years after finding viral success on Tik Tok but Ogechi is ready to expand her reach even further with her latest offering ‘Whatever’.

‘Whatever’ is an ethereal Pop/R&B groove, with silky vocals that float effortlessly over the reverb heavy production. The track is warm and inviting, transporting the listener to another world, created by Ogechi. Her lyrics touch on themes of escapism and a longing to find solace in her current reality. 

‘Whatever’ looks like it will take Ogechi to the next level. This coupled with her keen aesthetic eye and true understanding of herself as an artist, the songstress has her sights set on stardom!  

I wanted to capture a feeling we have all felt, I know personally I have been through moments when I felt like it was too hard to keep going but still persevering ! That’s kinda the inspo behind the song, it’s definitely a sad song but I think it ends on a positive note.” 

ABOUT Ogechimusic 

Ogechi spent her early childhood years in Lagos, Nigeria where her interest in music and art would first flourish. After moving to North Carolina aged 10, Ogechi would spend her teenage years investing further in her artistic endeavors, getting involved in her Middle School art program and expanding her musical taste. After High School, Ogechi decided to take the leap and move to Los Angeles, a place she had dreamt about living all her life. The pandemic was the real impetus for Ogechi to put her music to the forefront, and early this year she released her first song which ended up garnering viral success on Tik Tok. The perfect way to kick off her musical journey. There are a lot of eyes on Ogechi and her new release ‘Whatever’ (dropping July 26th and accompanied by a video) will be big. The only way is up for Ogechimusic!