Olga Dudkova ‘Falling For The Music’

Photo credit:  Anna Wild

Jazz/Soul artist Olga Dudkova release her latest single ‘Falling For The Music’. Known for her eclectic sound, Olga takes influence from Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop and Pop to cultivate a sound that is uniquely hers. 


Her latest single ‘Falling For The Music’ does just that, weaving elements of neo-soul and jazz together with contemporary pop production to create an elegant track full of energy. Utilising grooving basslines, distinctive electric piano arrangements and complementary drum samples, Olga Dudkova has created a soundscape that bridges the gap between lounge and pop, while showcasing her impressive vocal range.  

Olga explains further the inspiration behind the track, “It was 2021 and my first gigs after the pandemic just started coming along. I wanted to write an up-tempo song for my audience to allow them to dance at my shows. I realised how thankful I am to enjoy art and music, no matter if I listen to it or perform myself. So this song is an anthem to music, art, all the artists who create it and to all the people who enjoy art, who come to concerts and vibe with us.”

Having grown up in China and Siberia, Olga Dudkova studied jazz singing in Rotterdam and Munich where she now resides. A finalist at the Sparda Jazz Awards, The Jazz Spring in Kempten and the winner of the Finsterwald Singer, Olga’s musical journey has taken her far and wide throughout the US and Europe. This international flair can be seen throughout her catalogue. Now back with the release of Falling For The Music, Olga Dudkova looks to continue her journey as she brings her sound to audiences far and wide.