Olmo shares captivating new video for ’25’

Olmo returns with his compelling, self directed, new video for ‘25’, 

Watch it HERE

‘25’ is the focus single from Olmo‘s newly released sophomore album ‘The Trunk’. Listen to the record in full HERE

Filmed in Berlin, the video touches on the fleeting moments of transition that we all face from time to time. It pays homage to change, the end of something and the beginning of something else. The opening sequence represents the plethora of lives we find in every town and in this vast and endless world. 

Olmo moved to Berlin in 2014 after falling in love with its chaos on a visit the year before. Long days busking on the streets of Berlin became the place to forge new friendships, collaborations and the experience proved furtive for his imagination – it was then that the Olmo project was born. 

Sharing more about the video, Olmo explained; “My relationship with Berlin is very much a love/hate one. Its ‘madness’ can quickly turn to ‘sadness’ and sometimes its exciting, uncharted chaos can be overwhelming. 

This song was written after the end of my first big, important relationship in Berlin, within which I saw the juxtaposition of the grounding, linear, familiar aspects of a relationship against the ephemeral, chaotic and bustling nature of a city like Berlin.”

25 is taken from Olmo’s second, full length album ‘The Trunk’. Impossible to box, the nine track body of work is an impressively unique record that will stay with you, long after you’ve finished listening to it. Sharing more Olmo said; “My music is about creating a temporary dream space that people can escape into. It’s a safe place where complex issues are sweetened up and turned into these little ear worms.” 

Bearing an escape route from the trials of daily life, the world through Olmo’s music is much more palatable, even when he’s tackling the heaviest of issues.

The Trunk

1. Tornerai

2.My Friend Amer

3. Whatever Works

4. Pigs

5. Prince Harming

6. Dream Boat

7.These Waves



Earlier this year Olmo shared ‘Dream Boat’, a sonically cheerful track about finding a way to keep your dreams afloat amid choppy waters. Olmo explained more: “Dream Boat is a cheerful song about being miserable. The joyous mood of the song contrasts the dark narrative to portray the difference we often experience between what we feel inside and what we display on the outside when we are in an emotional abyss. This is especially common in men, who in the name of appearing strong have been pressured by society to not show vulnerability or weakness, which results in an inability to talk about one’s emotions or asking for help” The track was accompanied by a hypnotizing  hand crafted music video featuring the longest recorded flipbook, that stands at an impressive 1700 pages! Watch it HERE.

More recently ahead of the album came ‘Whatever Works; which Under the Radar called a “a gorgeous and dreamy waltz” The soaring-single touches on what it means to listen, reflect and allow yourself willingly to be shaped by people and the world around you. The track comes as a love song, focusing on male fragility and the power that devotion can hold.

Olmo (Francesco Lo Giudice) studied violin throughout his bilingual upbringing in Rome and London before turning to electronic composition whilst at Bristol University studying music. It was after graduation Olmo decided on a move to Berlin. “Bristol was a formative experience for me, but it was time to move on,” 

Last year Olmo took to writing, recording and producing new songs at his studio in Berlin, a room in a community art space (Artistania). The outcome is a body of work that consolidates his craft as a meticulous producer and careful songwriter, confronting pressing social issues of our time, exploring mental health, the male ego as well as the eternal mystery of love. 

Catch Olmo at the following live dates: 

16th July – Esslingen, Germany – Dieselstrasse Open Air  

27th July – Rome, Italy – Eur Social Park (supporting Alice Phoebe Lou)

28th July – MIlan, Italy – Magnolia Summer (supporting Alice Phoebe Lou)

12th August – Neukirchen / Nordfriesland, Germany – SCANDALOUS FESTIVAL   

13th August – Oberhausen, Germany – CLUB GDANSKA  

14th August – Mannheim, Germany – Summer Stage ALTE FEUERWACHE  

15th August – Cologne, Germany – BUMANN & SOHN 

17th of September – Heidelberg, Germany – Karlstorbahnhof Sommerbühne 

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