Ahead of the Grammy Awards on Monday 15th March,ORLOVE has announced plans for a series of brilliant cover songs, which are due to go live with their esteemed YouTube channel, Under the Covers.

 “Under the Covers is all about spreading positivity through amazing music found in every corner of the world”, says Creator, Matt Orlove. Since launching in April of last year, Under the Covers has collaborated with artists from 25 countries and 6 continents. “Our goal”, says Orlove, “has always been to create a movement. In just short of a full year, it feels like we’re moving in that direction.”  

Now boasting over 13k subscribers and 3m views, the channel is quickly growing into one of contemporary music’s most exciting new platforms. With the Grammy Awards coming soon, ORLOVE has tapped up some seriously impressive talent, all of whom have covered songs nominated in this year’s Best Dance Recording section.

The covers will arrive courtesy of  Gapsar & Wonderomaane (covering Kaytranada Ft. Kali Uchis’ “10%”), MITYA (covering Flume ft. Toro y Moi’s “The Difference”), Zepha (covering Disclosure ft Aminé & Slowthai “My High)”, Melchior Sultana ft. Janelle Puol (covering Jayda G’s “Both of Us”), and N2N (covering Diplo & SIDEPIECEs “On My Mind”).  Hailing from France, Russia, Australia, Malta, and NYC respectively, the diverse crew of carefully-selected cover artists speak volumes of ORLOVE’s impressive global musical agenda. 

All previous Under the Covers episodes can be found here and ORLOVE go live with a new episode each Tuesday @ 11AM PST. Artist quotes and videos are included below. For further information, check the company deck HERE

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“We are big fans of Kaytranada and Kali Uchis. Almost one year ago we were doing the cover of Bullets by Kaytranada ft. Little Dragon, and thanks to that we were contacted by ORLOVE for their Under The Covers project! We were directly motivated and it allowed us to deal with lockdown by creating a clip and a cover. During this difficult time for the world of culture, giving musicians from all over the world the opportunity to cover their favorite artists is something incredible. We also discovered some very talented artists through this great weekly appointment. Thanks Orlove!” 
— Gapsar (France) (covered Kaytranada Ft. Kali Uchis’ “10%”). Watch here

When ORLOVE asked me to be a part of the Under The Covers: Best Dance Record Nominee Edition. I jumped at the idea. Digging into the depths of the amazing production Disclosure are responsible for is inspiring in itself and gives an artist like myself a benchmark to strive towards. Slowthai’s flow & vibe on the track add a whole new dimension to this dance anthem. I think everyones related to this hook before at some point!” 
—Zepha (Australia) (covered Disclosure ft. Aminé & Slowthai “My High”. Watch here

“The Covers’ phenomenon is kinda weird: they can build your career, but they also can ruin your soul, ha. I’ve been listening to Toro Y Moi since I started making music, Chaz’s courage to change his music directions is so inspiring. Flume’s production and his whole story in general are fire and super moving. That’s why their collab worked so well. That’s why I wanted to cover this banger!
—Mitya (Russia) (covered Flume ft. Toro y Moi’s “The Difference”) Watch here

“Under the cover is a great concept because it’s a different approach of doing a cover, You take a song and allow yourself to be artistic and yourself and take the original song on a different perspective, Kind of what would have been if it was done by this artists or the other, So i think is a very fresh and cool concept, It was a pleasure to cover ‘Jayda G – Both Of Us’ which i think is a great song and also shows once again how music is all about feel, Whether simply or complex the most thing that matters is if you truly love what your doing and capture it with the music”.
—Melchior Sultana (Malta) (covered Jayda G’s “Both of Us”).  Watch here

“I’ve always loved listening to covers… if you think about it, we all start our journeys in music by learning other people’s songs on an instrument, or playing around with mashups in Ableton. It’s such a joy to take ingredients from other artists that you love and use them to create your own recipe, like an unspoken, delicious virtual collaboration. I work with samples all the time, and Diplo & Sidepiece chose a killer sample for this record… I mean you can’t deny Missy Elliot. As soon as this project was floated to me, I knew exactly how I wanted to flip it, and hopefully the end result is a reflection of the fun we had creating it.” 
—N2N (NYC) (covered Diplo & SIDEPIECE’s “On My Mind”). Watch here