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Panteros666 feat. Floyd Shakim “Bae or Bot”

Bae Or Bot by Panteros666 feat Floyd Shakim on MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF & ALAC  at Juno Download

Following the three other singles released by French DJ/Producer Victor Watel, aka Panteros666, his new single “Bae or Bot” featuring Floyd Shakim is here. Panteros666 released all three Ultra Music singles in 2020, which include “Catch Me IRL,” “I See Your Rainbow” featuring Kham, and “99% Angel” featuring Diane Sagnier. Panteros666’s captivating aesthetic is one that derives from a philosophy that people should embrace the advances of technology and express themselves however they wish to. “Bae or Bot” features a fun, playful beat with passionate lyrics and vocals to match.