Rising Swedish pop artist Paula Jivén has released her long-anticipated debut EP, The Duality In Me, out now via Universal Music Sweden. On the coming-of-age record, Paula navigates finding closure with parts of her past while discovering her ever-growing identity. Showcasing both mature self-awareness and youthful playfulness, the EP captures Paula’s versatility as an artist, letting her boldest instincts take the wheel in building her creative vision.


“‘The Duality In Me’ is a time capsule of my youth,” shares Paula. “Today, I’m 18 years old and the EP has become a way for me to lock all of that in. I wrote the songs around the ages of 15 to 16 and they address the experiences that are part of growing up today. Mental health, bad friends, and self-discovery. These songs were written because I felt they were needed and my hope is that they can be there for whoever needs them.”

Expanding on the EP’s theme of duality, Paula adds, “It’s important to understand that it’s okay to be many things! To me, that’s been hard to grasp. I’ve taken so many different roles in different contexts I’ve been in and that has made me feel separated in a way – like I wasn’t fully myself in any situation, but duality doesn’t mean chaos. It means being confident in who you are and what you can grow into.” 

With The Duality In Me, Paula gives us a crash course in the different facets of who she is as a creator that has come to terms with closing the door to her childhood while striving to understand where the future will take her. Each track features production from different producers — Jason Suwito (Sir Sly, K.Flay, MisterWives), Elvira Anderfjärd (Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Tove Lo), Her Demons, Åke Olofsson (Den Svenska Björnstammen), and Jarly (Adam Lambert, Sigala) — to highlight her breadth as a creative, not only in her writing but in her sound as well. 

The 5-track EP opens with debut single “What Are You Hungry For” where Paula encourages her listeners to find new meaning and joy in their lives over the dreamy production. Chill-pop track, “Say That,” suspends its listeners into a hypnotic atmosphere where the lyrics address the haunting and inexplicable feeling of missing something despite having everything you need. In “Someone Always Knows,” slow-burning riffs soar into cathartic bursts that give you the sonic space to linger in your emotions while sparkling pop track “Breaking Up With A Friend” addresses the complex yet inevitable friendship breakup we all experience at some point and the subsequent heartache that follows. Puckish yet sassy closer “Rude Girl” finds Paula channeling the alter-ego that contradicts the other version of herself heard throughout the EP as she faces the internal conflicts of loneliness as she tears down the people around her. 

Growing up in Gothenburg, Sweden, Paula first discovered her fascination with music as a child, taking up violin at just three and developing her multidimensional musicality over the years as she learned piano and sang in the church choir. In 2018 at the age of 13, she performed on Sweden’s Got Talent and earned the coveted golden buzzer, which was just the start of her musical career. Since her time on the show, Paula has worked with A-list co-writers and producers in Stockholm and Los Angeles, carefully carving out the exquisitely composed yet unpredictable sound that defines her music today. Since her debut, Paula has amassed more than 1.6 million total streams, early media support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Vogue Scandinavia, Notionand Clout, along with over 60 million views and 200K followers on TikTok. With The Duality In Me, Paula reveals her supreme gifts as a storyteller and the tremendous power of her captivating voice, solidifying her as an artist to watch. 

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