After the ink-black solo trip that was March’s ‘Space Odyssey’, Pavel Khvaleev’s returns to Earth this week with an altogether more communal affair. It’s a release that reconnects him with an artist with whom he shares a long studio history, now dating back a decade or more.

Together with Blackfeel Wite (aka singer/producer Eugene Gagarin), he’s created a track whose draw-you-in nature and transcendental haunt will linger immeasurably longer than ‘Dreams’s ephemeral title implies.

Across its three original versions, there’s little doubt to the track’s key attribute. Throughout, Pavel & Eugene keep its mesmerising song front, centre and fully under the production’s spotlight. Blackfeel delivers every emotional beat and lyrical meaning with the absolute conviction of clarity. Between his words Pavel interweaves understated percussion loops and middle-distance harmonies, while the warmth of the pads keep the track’s lyrically darker refrains in balance. Long story short: while you might come for Wite’s vocal, you’ll stay for the hazy heat of Khvaleev’s production.

Through their ‘Chasing Dreams’ rework, Two Are bring an unmistakable shift in tone and focus to the release. Raising the pace and deepening its bass, they place more emphasis on the track’s drive chain. Metal-on-metal percussion, industrial FX, monster deep drops, the slimmest of melodic shards offset the thundersome roll to its drums. If galvanized progressive-trance be your thing, here’s where you get off.

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