PHEA ‘I Saw You’

Combining genres of pop, avant guard pop, and indie pop, PHEA’s brand-new single ‘I Saw You’ is a flavourable addition to her music catalog. 

The fierce and energetic mood to the track portrays the inner monologue of a rape victim; it expresses all the questions you will never get answered and the endless hours of contemplating why it happened. 

The lyrics for ‘I Saw You’ are inspired by PHEA’s experience with sexual abuse and harassment. She warrants courage taking back her power as she bravely shows the anger and confusion a victim feels. 

PHEA initially co-wrote and co-produced the track with Raphael Neikes; later finishing the vocal production and mix of the song in Venice, LA. Inspired by artists such as PVRIS and Billie Eilish there’s a heavy bass and distorted guitars for the essence of the track featuring electric guitars, synthesizers, and an electronic drum kit that beautifully compliments her vocals. 

Speaking not only for herself but generations of women, PHEA comments on ‘I Saw You’: “I want to take back my power and inspire others to speak out about sexual abuse.”

Taking a clear stand on sexual abuse, PHEA wants to inspire others to fight for visibility and change by speaking out. Working with artist, director and close friend Lucy Dye on the music video, they aimed to turn PHEA’s weaknesses into strengths, by channeling a Cyborg-Warrior-Aesthetic inspired by her implanted Defibrillator and chronic heart condition. Visualizing the process of regaining strength and control after sexual assault and abuse, the video fits the current virtual media aesthetic. A Sci-fi theme created by the emerging, Berlin-Based 3D Artist Alejandro Spano takes the observer on an emotional journey of processing trauma through the eyes of a victim. ‘I Saw You’ will feature a music video upon release, view here


American-German singer-songwriter and producer PHEA transforms the painful and hopeless moments of her life into art. With her unique style of music, she drops deeply melodious grooves with meaningful lyrics that cast provocative light on human equality, PTSD, and sheer survival, inspired by her own rare heart condition. 

As a survivor of potentially fatal Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, PHEA found expression and comfort in music and poetry in the years that followed her open-heart surgery and implantation of her first defibrillator, at the age of 10. Upon awakening from a medically induced coma, she emerged with battery operated, cyborg circuitry attached to her human heart. 

PHEA’s music – unwound by her deeply messaged lyrics and bespoke soundscape – are the coalesced expression of her tumultuous life experiences. The self-written and produced, multi-layered tapestries she creates are simultaneously haunting and life-affirming. Her poetic lyricism evokes sounds of ancient folk traditions transported to modernity by a flying carpet of trip-hop-like beats, mercurially led by her synesthesia. 

Much like fairies that inspire her aesthetic, PHEA sits between defined genres with a unique sound that is at once beautiful, delicate, powerful, and almost ethereal.