Piper-Grace unveils slick debut single ‘Things Lovers Do’

Piper will also perform alongside fellow UK musical talent Romell for aCUPID Entertainment showcase at Hootananny Brixton on 13th September.

South West singer-songwriter Piper-Grace has dropped her new single ‘Things Lovers Do’, out 10th September.


A soulful modern R&B jam, ‘Things Lovers Do’ pairs Piper’s effortlessly slick vocals with a similarly smooth, downbeat production. It precedes a performance alongside fellow UK musical talent ROMELL at Hootananny Brixton on 13th September for a CUPID Entertainment showcase.
“‘Things Lovers Do’ was written about the difficulties of love and highlights the importance of affection,” Piper explains. “I feel the vibe of the song is a dreamlike fantasy about the confusion of romance, and I would love for people to connect with this, from all relationships and situationships.”

Raised in the quiet reaches of South West England, with Rihanna and Nina Simone providing sonic detail to her childhood, it was no surprise Piper-Grace was already singing at the tender age of two. Her soulful, sultry R&B provides a personal and vulnerable take on the intricacies of young love.

One of the UK’s most exciting young R&B talents, Piper-Grace continues to grow with every release.

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