Plastic Barricades “Lucid in the fall”

“What happens after we buy everything we’ve ever wanted?”

We are lucid about our habits, but we keep falling into the same traps over and over again. 

“Lucid in the fall”, the new single from London indie rock band Plastic Barricades, is out TODAY! Written during those never-ending lockdowns, this track will be the first introduction to the band’s new studio album “We Stayed Indoors”.
When humankind got locked indoors, so many people went on a two-year shopping spree. This constant race to own “the latest” and “the best in class” led us all into a corner, where addiction roams free and credit card debt obscures daylight. In a world of instant gratification and absolute convenience, breaking those consumerism chains is no easy task. But we have to keep trying, right? There’s no denying: we are all responsible for what’s happening to our planet.

Melancholic and brooding yet hopeful B-side “Tallest Trees” is a juxtaposition to “Lucid in the fall”, where centuries-old and infinitely wise trees observe humanity with curious concern, ready to forgive our sins yet puzzled by our self-destructive tendencies.

Both tracks come accompanied by weird and trippy music videos, made with the assistance of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies and image-to-text algorithms.

“We Stayed Indoors” will be Plastic Barricades’ third full-length album, taking on the tricky subjects of hope, mental health, doubts, living in the moment, courage, perception change, regrets about the past and worries about the future.

The new album was recorded in collaboration with Sheffield-based drummer Chris Barber and Berlin- based singer Aellie Koto, as well as singer-songwriters Luke Joyce (Harsh Winters from Edinburgh) and John Sibley (Victory Kicks from London). Tom Hill (Modern Rituals; Muttering) worked his magic on the mixes at the Bookhouse Studios and long-time collaborator Andy “Hippie” Baldwin sprinkled the sonic dust of mastering at Metropolis Studios.

Plastic Barricades is a faithful moniker of London-based singer-songwriter Dan Kert and his troupe of ever-changing drummers and bass players. 2017 “Mechanics of Life” and 2020 “Self-Theories” form the current studio catalogue, with “We Stayed Indoors” scheduled to follow in early 2023.
Weird and trippy music videos:

“Lucid in the fall”  
“Tallest Trees”