Pleasure Craft Shares Industrial Track “Dead Weight”

Neo-new-wave and industrial-pop project, Pleasure Craft, has drawn inspiration from a difficult time when principal songwriter, Sam Lewis, grappled with extreme isolation, his mother’s cancer diagnosis, the beginning of the pandemic, and a breakup – all within a period of six months.

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Drawing on two years of psychotherapy sessions and exploring the fear of vulnerability drawing Lewis‘ behaviour, Pleasure Craft‘s forthcoming debut album, Walls, Mirrors and Windows, is a deeply cathartic collection of songs.

Dead Weight,” the fifth song on the LP, is a heavy, bass and drum driven industrial track that finds the album’s protagonist grappling with self loathing and fear brought on by a newfound self awareness and introspection: He’s a kid, he’s a soul, he’s a rag doll, he’s a chemical, he’s a bag in the wind, he’s a tag in, he’s a swimmer in a current.