Poet Leanne Hoffman sets collection of emotive written works into dynamic pop LP The Text Collector

Leanne Hoffman performs a tightrope walk between the sensual immediacy of pop music and poetry’s revelatory nuance on her new album, The Text Collector. Using the swirling melodies and glitzed-up production of Top 40, the Nova Scotia-based multidisciplinary artist builds tension between soundscapes primed for pure pleasure and lyrics that address the interconnected relationship between desire and despair.

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Watch the vulnerable new video for the song “Sad”

Highlight single “King Size Bed” originally was a poem. All of the tracks on The Text Collector were originally poems spread out from the course of a  year. Hoffman shares that this album is of self-discovery and awareness which lead her from being introspective on her former album, to accepting on this latest work.  

Inspired by her love of pop music as a whole and especially fond of pop music from her youth, she set the poems to songs extending their longevity and reach in an approachable manner.

“King Size Bed” was first written as a poem after Hoffman was at the end of a relationship, experiencing the now missing presence of her former partner on a bed that suddenly felt too big. Although the subject matter of the song is rather sad, Hoffman has purposefully hidden their meaning in a danceable pop instrumentation.